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What the best way for zits to go away

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The best way for zits to go away is to wash your face with an anti-acne cream everyday to keep your face clean! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-the-best-way-for-zits-to-go-away ]
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What the best way for zits to go away
The best way for zits to go away is to wash your face with an anti-acne cream everyday to keep your face clean!
What’s the best and quickest way to get your zits to go away??
Not medical advice:Try the latest home remedy! Aloe Vera will help the skin naturally get rid of acne
What is a good way to get achne (Zits) to go away??
I don’t advice proactive. My friends tell me that it makes your face even worse when you stop using it. my advice to you: use face cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Wash your face at night (and use toner and moisturizer) and once int he mor…

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Dumb little zits that won’t go away?
Q: OK, hey ‘body! Um, I have a question. What do you use to get rid of your acne? Mine really bugs me and I want to find the best way to get rid of it. Thanks for the help!~Keely~
A: The best way is to see a skin care professional.Go to a spa and see and esthetican, and recieve a facial. During a facial they will find out what your skin needs, and tell you. They will use products to help the type of skin you have and also your able to purchase these productsLots of people think facials are just to relax. Its not true, i do this for a living and many people want to fix issues they have with there skin and come to estheticans to find out whats wrong and how to fix itIf you try and fix it on your own, you won’t know what your skin needs, or what products to use. If you go and buy clean and clear or something like that from the store yourself, these prodcuts are cheaper and dont have good ingredients. Skin care you really need to put in some money for good products to get amazing results.
What is the best face wash to buy?
Q: I know everyone’s skin is different, but I want to know what your opinion is.My skin isn’t that bad, but I’d still like my zits to go away! I want clear skin for once.Also, are there any secrets to getting rid of inflammation or redness or anything like that?And what is the best way to minimize your pores and get rid of blackheads?
A: Not to put down Proactiv, but its terrible for your skin. It totally ruins your skins pH balance.Try using Cetaphil. My dermatologist recommends it. It’s amazing stuff. It’s really gently but gets your skin super clean. It doesn’t overdry your skin at all. There is a kind of Cetaphil for everyone. You should use Johnson & Johnsons Purpose Moisturizor. It’s gentle as well.
Why am I getting zits and pimples in my ears?
Q: For about the past month or so, it seems as though I’ve been breaking out in my ears. I have bad acne and have been using ProActiv for more than a year now and have never had pimples/zits in my ears. Now it seems like they won’t go away! Why do you even get them in your ears and what’s the best way to get rid of them?
A: The cause for pimples are many and not only adolescence aspopularly believed. Chronic constipation is one major cause,the food we eat plays a very important role. You will haveto cut down the fried food, chocolates, cheese and aerateddrinks. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and green vegetables witha lot of water. Instead of washing the face with soap, useorange peel powder. Dry Orange peels in the shade for 4-5days. Powder finely and store. Wash your face with this 2-3times a day. It clears the face and feels very refreshing.more tips http://acnecaretipz.blogspot.com
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