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What vitamin supplements are good to take for clearing acne

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Zinc can help prevent acne by opening your pores and stopping them from clogging. Vitamin E can, too! ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-vitamin-supplements-are-good-to-take-for-clearing-acne ]
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What vitamin supplements are good to take for clearing acne?
Zinc can help prevent acne by opening your pores and stopping them from clogging. Vitamin E can, too! ChaCha!

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can a nutritionist or dietician help me with acne?
Q: I became a vegan to detox my body and after getting a colonoscopy everything seems clear. During this time, my acne has gotten a lot better, but now gotten a lot worse againI know being vegan i may not be getting all the things i need in my diet so i took a lot of vitamins, supplements, etc. I also work out A LOT so i need the protein, esp since i dont get it from meat fish or eggs anymore. I dont know what to cut out from my diet so that I can remain vegan, have enough protein for my workouts and stay acne free. can anyone help me please? This has been going on way to long.
A: I would try a topical product that contains benzoyl peroxide before you mess around with your diet more. Also, since you work out a lot you sweat a lot, which gives your pores more of a chance to plug up, so I’d use a drying soap on your face after every workout.
How to get rid of acne?
Q: Hi,To get rid of acne it will take will power to change your eating lifestyle. Here is what you have to do to get rid of acne. It will clear your face for good I promise. You will live longer and look younger than you ever have before! To have clear pimple free skin you must:1. Eliminate ALL DAIRY! (Unless its raw milk)www.mercola.com/article/milk/n… 2. Eliminate ALL SUGAR! (Except natural fruit)http://www.mercola.com/article/sugar/dan…3. Eliminate ALL GRAINS!http://www.mercola.com/2003/aug/23/acne….4. Drink 8 or more glasses of water! ( Does Wonders!)Follow those 4 simple steps and eat only fruit (for sugar cravings), vegetables(for carbs), nuts&seeds(for tons of minerals and vitamins), and meat (for protein) no PORK! Pigs do not filter what they eat! Also supplement with EFA’s and DHA’s , Calcium, Vitamin C&E&D&A, and Kidney & Bladder Support Formula. Get these at www.roex.com I PROMISE IT WILL WORK!
A: wash
Silica supplements + hair and skin benefits?
Q: Has anyone taken these and say any improvements in their hair (thicker and possibly longer) and skin (clearer and decrease with acne)? I went to a health Food store and asked the saleslady about which vitamin/multivitamin is good for thickening the hair and she told me Silica is and showed me the bottle of capsules. Here’s what it said on it: “A silicon supplement from atomized aqueous extract of spring horsetail. 4.7 mg.” And then at the back it said, “equivalent to 10 mg silica from extract of spring horsetail (equisetum arvense).” What does these all mean? Is this safe to take? Are there any side effects? Is it ok to take with msm (1000mg) daily? Did anyone take it and saw improvements with their skin as well?
A: i take msm for healthier hair skin and nails which is great. they are also good for joints. grab the all natural kind to ensure no internal damage. one needs 1000mg of biotin daily to enhance hair/nail growth and beautiful skin.p.s. brazil nuts are high in silica which is good for a healthy scalp(promotes hair growth) and they taste yummy. try to purchase all natural ones also. it’s better and more trustworthy than a vitamin!
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