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What vitamins are good for a sore throat

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Vitamin C, Zinc, and Echinacea are all supposed to boost the immune system and help ward off sore throats and colds. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-vitamins-are-good-for-a-sore-throat ]
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What vitamins are good for a sore throat
Vitamin C, Zinc, and Echinacea are all supposed to boost the immune system and help ward off sore throats and colds. ChaCha!
What is good for a sore throat?
What is good for a sore throat is gargling with hot salt water, and sucking on throat drops. If a sore throat last more than 2 days, go to the doctor, as it might be something else and may require medicaiton.
How to make this sore throat better?
well, one good way to help it is to swallow, or hold hunny in your throat you can also take a tylonal to fix the pain for awhile

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What is good for a sore throat?
Q: My nose is stuffy and my throat hurts really bad. I bought some dayquil with vitamin c. It is helping a little bit. I was wondering what else I can do for a sore throat. thanks for any info! I also think it might be sinus drainage. I have bad allergies and sinus.
A: Gargle with salt water. Gross but it works. You might find cough drops soothe it a little.
What is your best remedy for a nasty, burning sore throat? (Read the comments!)?
Q: I am overseas and currently staying at an out-of-the way spa & have limited access to grocery store/liquor store goods, there is NO Western pharmacy here at all! Does anyone have any truly good remedies – other than taking vitamin c, gargling with salt & hot water, or drinking hot water & fresh-squeezed lemon juice, or taking garlic or ginger which is a natural antibiotic and boost to the immune system? I have echinacea drops & infusion with me but nothing is helping my throat tonight…it is preventing me from sleeping and it is very painful. Thx in advance to the serious replies.
A: It sounds like you trying everything.Okay first, echinacea isn’t going to help you. When echinacea was first studied, it was found to boost white blood cell counts. That’s how it became known as an immune cell booster. Further research revealed that the extra white blood cells that developed were malformed. The recently found out that the malformed white cells were ineffective at fighting off disease. Echinacea is useless! Furthermore, it was found that if you take the herb for too long, it actually lowers your white blood cell counts BELOW NORMAL!!! Not only doesn’t echinacea help, but it is actively HARMFUL to you!Research on vitamin C waffles back and forth. Same with Zinc lozenges, ginger tea, or garlic.The theory on salt water is that the salt will cause the cell walls of bacteria to burst, helping you get over your sore throat faster. I have not seen research for or against on this.It sounds that you are trying to get a good night’s sleep.The best advice then is to take either tylenol (acetaminophen) or motrin (ibuprofen), or another over the counter pain reliever. If that is not available, I would try a hot toddy.A hot toddy is a traditional sorethroat remedy. There are tons of ways to make it. Mix one part honey and one part whiskey with a teabag, & one part lemon juice and hot water. You can flavor the drink with cinnamon/cloves/etc. The honey thickens the concoction so it can travel down the throat a little slower. The alcohol numbs the throat so you can get it a little rest.
What to do about a sore throat?
Q: My throat has been annoying me for about 24 hours now. It doesn’t constantly hurt, only when i swallow. I want to know what would be the best pill, or like drink a lot of water, or get some “good ol'” vitamin C
A: gargle with warm salt water, every hour or so. It tastes nasty but will help
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