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What vitamins increase your libido

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Some vitamins and minerals that increase your libido are Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese, L-tyrosine, and Vitamins A, B C and E. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-vitamins-increase-your-libido ]
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What vitamins increase your libido
Some vitamins and minerals that increase your libido are Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese, L-tyrosine, and Vitamins A, B C and E.
Can taking Vitamin B complex increase libido?
Not directly, but it could. B Vitamins have several benefits including increased energy from B-12, increased circulation from B-3, stress relief (from several of them), and mental stimulation from B-1. It’s very possible he was just stresse…
Is it true that vitamin E increases libido?
I have heard that too. I looked up some other things that also increase the libido. Provestra is an all-natural women’s libido formula that restores women’s normal sexual response and interest in a passionate, satisfying sex life. The ingre…

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natural supplement to increase loss of libido?
Q: I take birth control; and as everyone says; and as they ALL do (i really don’t think there is a certain kind that does NOT decrease what i’m about to talk about..) I’ve found it hard to get in “the mood” if you know what i mean; Maybe i should drink more water so that i’m NOT a desert; but i’m pretty sure it’s the pill. I heard rumours about there being natural supplements at places like “The Vitamin Shoppe” or GNC…a pill that can moisten you up; and increase your drive; and even make your orgasms even better. Does anyone know what this supplement would be called.. and it’s NOT “HerSolutions” because that can not be found in those shops. I want something natural; not chemical! Please help!!
A: A vigorous exercise routine will produce more testosterone in your body. (Not aerobics or dance. Lifting weights and running hard, not simply jogging).Reading erotic stories should also help your emotional desires.
I am trying to conceive. How can I get into the ‘process?’?
Q: I have been trying to conceive since April with no luck yet. However, all the signs are fine that I am healthy and able to conceive, and I’m loving the book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility.” I have been checked out by a doctor with regular physicals and all levels of my hormones/chemicals are a-ok.I’m 31, and my libido is just Low. I have a sexy wonderful husband, a marathoner with a killer body, who is quite amorous towards me. We have a good relationship but are in therapy for communication issues. He is my bestfriend, and so wonderful.Any grown-up advice (ie, not “watch porn” lol) for helping myself be in the mood? I am trying natural approaches like taking vitamins, exercising, sleeping enough, etc, but when it comes down to it, I have zero libido most of the time. I could really use some help. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but it sure makes me feel horrible – not only because you must be intimate to make a baby, but because I want to meet the needs of my husband. When the time comes I can use lubricant but it feels bad physically since my body/mind is not into it. I don’t want to compromise, but I want to increase my libido. It isn’t a new thing with the pressures of trying to conceive – I’ve been grappling with this for a while.Any help, ladies? Thank you!
A: Why not try a nice evening date with your husband?A romantic dinner, a hot bath, hot sex…
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