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When people donate plasma, what is the plasma used for

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A:Plasma used in treatment of disorders such as hemophilia and immune system deficiencies, and to treat victims of shock and burn. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-people-donate-plasma%2C-what-is-the-plasma-used-for ]
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When people donate plasma what is their plasma used for?
Plasma that is donated is used either for transfusion to patients or for manufacture into medicines. Keep asking ChaCha!

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Plasma and blood clots?
Q: I went to donate plasma today, and I’ve already donated 3 times before that, and they stuck me in my right arm to draw my blood and at first they couldn’t find my vein but they eventually did and the machine was drawing my blood out then all of the sudden it clotted. They took the needle out and then stuck my in a different place on my right arm (i usually use my left arm) and couldn’t find the vein so they dug in quite a bit deeper and found it but it still wouldn’t draw blood, so they decided to just return the blood back to my body in a different spot and just end the session and when they switched the needles the clot came out of it. It was so thick and disgusting the guy almost gagged. Then they stuck my left arm (in the spot I usually use) and then decided not to even return my blood to my body even though they wanted to put saline in because it wouldn’t even flow it the tube was so clogged. When they took the needle out some of the clot came out with it. I could literally pull the clot out of my arm. What the hell caused this?Afterwards I was freaking out and I bought some asprin and took a couple to thin out my blood a bit. I’ve been well hydrated and my iron level is up and everything (obviously because I passed the finger prick test) but my mom thinks it’s my diet. I haven’t been eating meat lately cuz my roommates are vegetarian and meats just too expensive, and I know I haven’t been getting enough fiber. Also, I hate to say it but I am a smoker but I’ve only been smoking for about 4 months now… I don’t think that has anything to do with it. I’m only 19 and I’m pretty healthy so I just don’t know how this has happened. I would go to a doctor but I don’t have health insurance.Please people be serious about this as this could be a serious medical problem. I don’t want anybody answering this unless they truly know a possible answer besides go to a doctor or some crap.thank you, because I actually didn’t move around too much today. I walked like 10 min to the bus then that was about a 45 minute ride then I walked a block to the plasma place and waited for about another 45min and then I got into the chair to donate and I waited about another 20min so I guess my blood wasn’t really moving through my veins much but I didn’t have a problem before, although the last time I donated it did clot but it was easily fixed.Um.. I’m not taking birth control pills so I highly doubt that’s the reason.. Just thought I’d add that in.
A: Blood starts to clot immediately when it slows down or stops moving. The needle probably slowed it down enough that it clotted. Something to keep in mind: If you take birthcontrol and smoke, you have an increased risk of blood clots. Your diet isn’t going to cause you to make blood clots.
Is my Father a bad parent?
Q: so here’s the story.(im a girl if that makes a diffrence =p)my mom died last year so i moved in with my father. i saw him every weekend and even then the first thing he would ask me is “Do you have money on you?” he would also use me to ask my mom for loans many times. if i wanted a ride to go out with my friends or anything i would have to pay for gas. a BIG example of this is for my graduation dinner i wanted to invite my close friend to dinner esp. cause he had his girlfriend at my graduation ( this is 3 months after my mother died) and I had to pay for my friends dinner at MY graduation dinnerafter my mother’s death, i recived checks from SS but because i was under aged they went to him. on the plus he DID give me 3/4ths of the check ( he makes me pay a fith of the rent) on the bad side i was still in high school, and he made me pay for my own food, clothes, ect.When the time came for me to apply for college and Financial Aid my Father would get mad and give me a hard time about the information needed.such as “why do you need my social, why do you need to know how much i make?” to the point that i would cry at night stressing weither or not i would be able to pay for college. I finaly got all the info from him and got accepted to ALL the colleges i applied to =]. now here’s the problem i had to use the money that my mom left me along with the SS money to pay for my college and he goes around telling people that he paid for it. he’s done this many times, taking my accomplishments and saying “oh its because i told her to” when he had no part in it what so ever.i’ve tryed to talk to him but he gets mad and says “I fed you, i clothed you and i put a roof over your head. thats all this world asks of me” problem with that is he made me pay for my food clothes and has me paying rent -___-now to pay for rent i have to donate plasma twice a weekso am i just over exagerating or is there something wrong here?oh as a time line i moved in with my dad at 17 and it wasent till the middle of my college semester that i turned 18thanks for everyone making me feel better. ive tried talking with my friends but they realy dont know what to make of it =/ because of the job shortage and the fact that i dedecated myself to school and NJROTC i never worked during HS so ive been trying to find a job but its a no go. so what i have decided to do is wait it out till the end of the school year and go into the Navy. i was an officer in the NJROTC program and i realy enjoyed it so im hoping i’ll find my escape in the Navy =]umm… idk how it got to people asking me if i need a loan but i promised myself that i would get threw this with out one so no thanks
A: Your father (I can’t call him your Dad cause he isn’t) is a mean spirited, penny pinching bastard who is the kind that gives good responsible men a bad name. Until you are out of school and have begun your own life HE is responsible for you. That means he is responsible to make sure you are safe, have adequate food, health care, clothes and whatever else you need to live. He would be right to ask that you pay for your own luxuries like designer clothes, gas for your car (or gas in his car to replace what you use), entertainment, etc. For him to make you pay for your own necessities and charge you a portion of the rent too is completely unacceptable. If you are in college now please talk to your adviser and explain your situation to him/her. Your adviser/councilor may be able to help you find help to get away from this ‘person’.
Need answer from plasma donors please?
Q: Tomorrow will be my second time and I needed some encouragement to go again. (my first experience was not my happiest moment).. Everytime they drew blood I would get sweaty (even though I was freezing), I felt like I was going to throw up and I thought I was having a panic attack. My blood seemed to be the only one clotting in the tube so they had to mess with the tube and move the needle around. I didn’t eat (because I didn’t know I needed to).. I will eat a healthy breakfast and I drink plenty of water without me “donating” so fluids aren’t the problem. I weigh 130 and I’m healthy.I guess basically I wanted to ask of it gets better or worse and should I switch arms? My right arm is still crazy bruised, but pretty much feels better (it’s been 5 days since I donated).. I won’t lie though, when I think about donating again I get lightheaded and a little weak, but I think that’s just from the not-so-good experience I had.I know it’s for a good cause and I will also get $50.. I could use the money but idk if it’s worth going through what I did Wednesday.I would prefer answers from people with experience.. But I suppose any truthful answer will do the trick 😉 x Katie
A: if you take a book to read and drink any kind of juice it should be ok. and the tubes do clot at times when you stress your blood thickens so take a book to read and drink plenty of juice and all should be fine. i donate 4 times a month so i know what to do.. ans switching arms is best that way you dont build up scars.. good luck and let me know how it goes….
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