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Where can I buy zinc

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You can buy zinc online at advent-rm.com Keep ChaCha’ing and have a great day! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/where-can-i-buy-zinc ]
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Where can I buy zinc
You can buy zinc online at advent-rm.com Keep ChaCha’ing and have a great day!
Can you buy zinc cream for my dogs nose or do i use human zinc cr…?
There is pet specific sunscreen out there, yes. I definately recommend it over using human sunscreen for two reasons.・ 1) pet sunscreen has a bitterant added to the mix to stop the dog from wanting to lick off the sunscreen…. ・ 2) there a…
Can I buy Zinc Sulfate without Health Insurance, Medicare or Medi…?
Check and see if we carry Zinc Sulfate in our prescription list!

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Where can I buy zinc tablets for skin?
Q: Skin isn’t horrible but I breakout out alot on my forhead and I heard I should start taking zinc, but idk where to buy it. Can u justget it anywhere like walgreens or walmart or somethin? And how much shoild i take each day? I heard i shoild take 60 mg a day.. So could any who knows or takes Zinc help me? Any suggestions anything I should know? Thanks on advance : D
A: Health food stores and vitamin stores carry them. Be careful about taking only the recommended dosage this can be true with most vitamins. Too much of a good thing can be dangerous.Something else you might like to know about zinc. If you feel a cold coming on a regiment of zinc and vitamin C will stop it in it’s tracks. If you already have a cold it is the fastest cure I know. Usually knocks it out in one day. If you OD on C what usually happens is you burn your stomach. OD on zinc, iron and potassium can be fatal. A can also be very bad you’ll be able to know if your skin turns yellow. Stop immediately and things should clear in a couple of days. Large dozes of magnesium will give you diarrhea. Calcium will constipate you. these two are usually taken together for just those reasons. This is just a few I know. They all have there benefits if used properly.
Where can I buy Zinc metal and Sodium Hydroxide in real life in Oahu?
Q: I am trying to do a chemistry project for my studies but I don’t know where I can buy zinc metal or Sodium Hydroxide. Can anyone tell me if there is like a store with these Materials? or somewhere I can buy them?
A: Hm… You can make sodium hydroxide by dissolving baking soda in water. Zinc has no harm, I think you can get it at a metal shop.
Where can i buy Zinc stearate in Melbourne?
Q: Actually, I want to by “fanning powder” (used in card manipulation). But it’s hard to find, even at magic shops. They just recommend me to buy a new deck, but I’m broke. They say I can try to buy Zinc stearate which can be found easily at chemical/pharmacy stores. I had a look at a store near my house. But they don’t have it.
A: You could try Myer.What does fanning power do exactly?
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