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Where can I find salicylic acid and alpha hydroxy acid

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Many over the counter acne products (Clearasil, etc.) contain these compounds. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/where-can-i-find-salicylic-acid-and-alpha-hydroxy-acid ]
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Where can I buy Benzoyl Peroxide acid, cream or gel, Alpha Hydrox…?
Benzoyle Peroxide face wash is what you want. You can check any store like Walgreen’s to see if they have it. Clearasil, Clean n Clear, and brands like that have face washes containing Benzoyle Peroxide. Same goes for Salacylic Acid (what A…
What face wash has Alpha-hydroxy acids and/or salicylic acid in i…?
I’m not sure, I think people tend to crush aspirin and use that, I know Skin Doctors ‘Rapid Peel’ exfoliator contains salicylic acid – BUT – you must wear a strong SPF during the day if you do use these acid products, I can’t stress this en…
Are Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acids Salicylates?
Beta Hydroxy Acids is a term used for a group of acids, and one of them is salicylic acid. When a cosmetic or skin preparation says “beta hydroxy acid”, there is a very strong likelihood that it contains salicylic acid. Salicylic …
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