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Which czar had hemophilia

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A:Nicholas II is the most cited case. Many monarchs and rulers in Europe during the Middle Ages and Renaisaance had this disease. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/which-czar-had-hemophilia ]
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Which czar had hemophilia
Nicholas II is the most cited case. Many monarchs and rulers in Europe during the Middle Ages and Renaisaance had this disease.

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Pls help if you can. Biology questions?
Q: 9) A recessive gene is oneA) that is not expressed as strongly as a dominant allele.B) whose effect is masked by a dominant allele.C) that appears only in a heterozygote.D) that produces no effect when present in the homozygous condition.E) that must be lethal in the homozygous condition.10) If you cross pea plants that are heterozygous for purple flowers and yellow seeds (PpYy), and you examine 800 offspring for flower and seed color, about how many do you expect to have white flowers and green seeds?A) all of them (800)B) 450C) 400D) 50E) none211) In Labrador retrievers, black coat color is dominant to chocolate coat color. Labradors also are prone to a serious eye ailment, called progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), which is recessive to normal vision. If two black Labradors with normal vision are mated, and one puppy in a litter of seven entirely black puppies has PRA, what are the likely genotypes of the parents?A) Both parents are homozygous for both traits.B) One parent is heterozygous for PRA, whereas the other does not carry the traitC) Both parents are heterozygous for both traits.D) Both parents are heterozygous carriers of PRA, but we can’t determine what their coat-color genotype is.E) We can’t say anything about the parental genotypes. The PRA in the puppy arose through spontaneous mutation.12) Although the law of independent assortment is generally applicable, when two loci are on the same chromosome the phenotypes of the progeny sometimes do not fit the phenotypes predicted. This is due toA) translation.B) inversions.C) chromatid abnormalities.D) linkage.E) reciprocal chromosome exchange.13) When genes are linked, the reason a few of the recombinant genotypes still occur in the offspring is because ofA) mutation.B) linkage.C) crossing over.D) natural selection.E) independent assortment.14) A human sperm cell receives autosomes andA) exactly the same genetic information as a body cell.B) an X chromosome always.C) either an X or a Y chromosome.D) a Y chromosome always.E) both an X and a Y chromosome.15) Hemophilia is a genetic disease that has plagued the royal houses of Europe since the time of Queen Victoria, who was a carrier. Her granddaughter Alexandria married Nicholas II, the last czar of imperial Russia. Alexandria was a carrier for hemophilia; Nicholas was normal. Their son, Alexis, was afflicted with the disease. Alexis and his four sisters were all killed in 1917. It is most likely thatA) none of the four sisters carried the hemophilia gene.B) at least one of the sisters was a carrier of the gene.C) all four sisters were carriers of the hemophilia gene.D) at least one of the sisters had hemophilia like Alexis.E) Alexis inherited the hemophilia gene from Nicholas II.16) Two people with normal vision have two sons, one colorblind and one normal. If this couple then has six daughters, what percentage of the daughters should have normal color vision?A) 25%B) 50%C) 75%D) 100%E) 0%
A: ill help you with the 1st and last,you’ll do the rest..9. b16. b
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