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Who discovered Zinc

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Zinc was discovered in 1746 by chemist Andreas Sigismund Marggraf when he heated calamine and charcoal. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/who-discovered-zinc ]
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In 1746, zinc was discovered by Andreas Marggraff of Germany. Zinc is bluish silver in color and is very malleable. Zinc will tarnish when it is exposed to air.
zinc was discovered by Andreas Marggraf in (about) the year 400 B.C.
zinc was discovered by a sensor on the US space shuttle Columbia in 1796 Silver Dollar Rarity Discovered by Heritage Third Known B-6,

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Who discovered the element zinc?
Q: What is the origin of the word zinc? Help!
A: The neanderthal manRather the monkey man
who discovered zinc? and when was it discovered>?
A: Actually no one knows who discovered it. Look at the reference link I have provided and you will find the information that is available.
how abudant is zinc and who discovered it?
A: There is no real one discoverer, however, but the term ‘zinc’ was first used by Paracelsus, a Swiss-born German chemist who called the metal ‘Zincum’, later to be coined, ‘Zinc’.It is the 23rd most abundant element in Earth’s curst. Ores that are frequently mined typically contain 40-50% zinc.
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