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Why did 50 cent and ja rule have beef

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Why did 50 cent and ja rule have beef
Beef provides protein, zinc, vitamin B12, selenium, and phosphorus, niacin, vitamin B6, iron and riboflavin. Thanks and ChaCha on!
What is the beef between ja rule and 50 cent??
ja rule stabbed 50 cent and then bragged about it which i blame ja rule because i would of at least killed 50 cent and than i would of bragged about it
How did Ja Rule and 50 cent beef in the first place??
Ja Rule and 50 cent beef started when 50 cent was back stage one time along with ja rule, both waiting on the cookies to be done… well there ended up being only 2 cookies and 50 cent got first dibs on these delicious cookies while ja rule…

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Why does 50 Cent and Ja Rule have beef?
A: Actually before 50 Cent was famous,this feud was there.Nobody really knows the origin of the feud but it is said that queens drug dealer known as KINGPIN funded Murder Inc. to establish itself and at the same time 50 was stabbed allegely by Murder Inc. asssociates.Soon 50 released a Mixtape song called “Ghetto Quran”,which had all the names of associates of KINGPIN and KINGPIN himself.This is how the feud escalated.It is also said one of 50’s friends robbed Ja rule of his jewelry and 50 was snubbed of one of Ja’s videos are other reasons of feud.When 50 released “Life’s On The line”,the feud became public and soon Shady Aftermath entered the feud.Soon Ja started to put the rapper down by pulling a campaign against him.Next 50 responded by releasing “Back Down” and “Realest Killaz” in which he claimed that Ja imitated Pac.Ja also responded with songs like Blood in My Eye and loose changeJa Rule eventually tried to squash the beef with 50 Cent by using Minister Louis Farrakhan in a televised interview. However, the attempt at peace lost credibility as the interview was scheduled a day before Blood In My Eye was released. As a result most fans, along with 50 Cent dismissed the interview as a blatant publicity stunt.Ja Rule also had a small rivalry with 50’s label-mates Eminem, D12 ,Dr.Dre, and Obie Trice. When Eminem called it quits in “Like Toy Soldiers,” Ja agreed, saying that he was exhausted with feuds.Although it is still not believed that the feud has ended.
Why does 50 cent sell so many records when he doesnt have much talent?
Q: Why do 50s albums go 10 times platinum when his music aint that hot, and have u noticed how he beefs with other rappers to try sell more units, everyone 50 has beefed with has lyrically fucked up (apart from ja rule), 50 is a snitch, so why r all these hip pop fans on his d*ck? the massacre was the worst album i have ever heard…..its over 4 g unit….its g g g unot!
A: 1st of all u shouldnt be talking about 50 cent and how his albums suck and everything cuz he’s making way more money than you probaly ever will.
why does eminem protect 50 cent?
Q: why does eminem protect 50 cent so much i mean 50 does have one -sixteenth of em’s skill hes defnatly not worthy to be on a track with him but always is and em basicly finished the ja rule beef and ended ja rules career for 50 so ya y does em like 50 so [email protected] R the East-Coast Élitist how can you say that eminem has destroyed hip hop he is one of the legends better then most of these other mainstream guys
A: Face it, Eminem has a bad taste in music. He thinks guys like 50, Lil Wayne and all of them are good. Plus Eminem discovered 50.
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