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Why do some zits hurt really bad but some dont

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Nodular acne is a painful, uncommon type of acne. Acne Vulgaris is the most common form of acne which is not painful. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-some-zits-hurt-really-bad-but-some-dont ]
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Why do some zits hurt really bad but some dont
Nodular acne is a painful, uncommon type of acne. Acne Vulgaris is the most common form of acne which is not painful. ChaCha!

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why did my aunt say i could be a meth head?
Q: i went for christmas dinner last night, and it was pretty fun,dinner was awesome and everything and it was nice to see family i havent seen in a while along with the money i was given:) ..anyways so everyone was pretty drunk and at the end of the night when everyone was leaving my cousin wanted me to stay the night so i did( i havent seen or talken to her in a long time;shes 25 and im 20) so we were catching up and she was tellign me that my aunt said that she should look at my facebook and that i was prob had something wrong with me, like i was a meth head,and i have all these boys in my pics,and i party alot.. and i looked like a meth head because she thought i had zits.. first of all i dont have zits my skin is so clear and if she saw pics my skin looking bad it was red because i was drinking,secondly yes i have pics with fboys-(friends) but im not a floosey.and thirdly i cant believe shed say i might be a mth head just because my cousin is , im not what she is and was. im not a drug addict and i think my aunts saying these things because she assumed when last year my mom was abit freaking out about me because i wouldnt talk to my mom and just basically anyone because i was going thru a hard time with just depression,lonliness and i wasnt hanging out with anyone,and i think my mom told her that she aws worried about me.. but it bugs me they assume that my problem is drugs, ive never been intterested in drugs besides sometimes having some weed but thats nothing.. why do you think my aunt would say those things? it really hurt me, i mean shes my aunt she should know me? also i dont know if she said this when she was drunk or something because she is a alcohalic
A: I’m a mom, so take my answer for what it’s worth. You could always have a private conversation with your aunt – not yelling, but a “just between you and me” sort of talk. Tell her that it hurt you that she said that about you (if she was drinking, she may not even remember what she said.) Tell her you aren’t a druggie and that you just like to have fun with your friends, and you would appreciate her not assuming things just by looking at your Facebook account. I am sorry that your aunt can’t see you for what you really are, and to me it sounds to me like you’re a normal young lady that seems to be doing things right. We all have our problems, but you’re doing alright dealing with yours. You like spending time with family and seem to have your head on pretty straight. First, since your aunt is a drinker, and she may have had too much to drink last night, she’s obviously having her own problems, and who knows, maybe there’s a little jealousy there too. Second, she may be trying to put her own daughter into a better light by bringing you down to your cousin’s level and making it look like you use drugs too. That’s sad, but shouldn’t be a reflection on you. Your aunt shouldn’t assume things that she knows nothing about. But you need to be strong in your resolve to be the better person. Don’t let the things that other people say, change the way you feel about yourself or the way you live your own life. My advice – Work hard. Stay out of trouble. Be a good person. Watch what you put on Facebook because once it’s out there, you can never really take it back. And know that other people’s problems may be even more difficult than your own.
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