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Why do women break out every month when their periods come

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Some young women notice worsening of their acne in response to the hormonal changes of their menstrual cycle. ChaCha anytime! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-women-break-out-every-month-when-their-periods-come ]
More Answers to “Why do women break out every month when their periods come
Why do women break out every month when their periods come
Some young women notice worsening of their acne in response to the hormonal changes of their menstrual cycle. ChaCha anytime!

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yea… so.. why delete me?
Q: ok, so I think yahoo answers is a good thing but to be honest I am really sick of seeing people post the same type of questions, it doesn’t seem like people do their own research. like how in womens health you have 5 million girls ask- “when will i get my period, btw im 10!”, or you have the girls that are like “how do i get my cramps to start or stop”. or the best ones are when girls are like “omg i slept with this guy, we used a condom and im on BC but im afraid i am pregnant” (doh you ******* idiots, if your that worried about getting pregnant then dont have sex!) or the girls that are like “i had sex last night and now i think im pregnant, i feel sick and so on” there is no way you can tell you are pregnant one day after fertilization! and I HATE the questions where the 13-15 year old girls are like, i want to have a baby SO BAD! Ok girls, here it is, periods are different for every girl/woman. Some girls(if they are heavier set) will have bad cramps, heavy periods. Petite/skinny girls, or girls that work out will have lighter periods and less cramping. Periods can last for 3 days up until 7days. Sometimes periods start last two days then stop then start again but are very light (its normal its fine stop freaking out) yes sometimes you can have periods twice a month. also girls, discharge is NORMAL it is your vagina cleaning itself. yes girls when you have sex if you dont clean out the excess discharge in your vagina it will come out on the guys junk. if you dont want clumpy white goo on his junk, then what you should do is clean out your vag! douching is bad, dont use soap. girls if you leave soap down there or if you douche too much or if you wipe from back to front… you CAN get yeast infections! Girls that are in their teens, stfu no one wants to have babies with you, guys just want to **** you then leave you most of the time. you don’t need a kid what you need is intense therapy. seriously live your life, go have fun and be a kid. Wait to have kids till you are old enough and mature enough to care for a child and most of all be able to support yourself before you try to support a child, don’t ruin a babys life because you cant take care of yourself.Also, guys and girls, just because you lose your virginity or take a girls virginity and her “cherry” doesnt pop does not mean the girl is lying about being a virgin! cherrys can pop from riding a horse or being very active in sports and so on!Girls, if you are on BC or starting it for the first time, USE IT AS DIRECTED! don’t try to speed up the process by startin it early or whatever.. just take it how you are told.Girls, wh ocares how big your bust size is, I see on here teens as your as 13(younger sometimes) worried about their boobs not being big… wtf your a [email protected]#@$ go play barbies. Girls, it is OK to be a virgin, no guys should force you into having sex if you are not ready… and also, just because your friends are having sex does not mean you have to also… you can wait until it is your time that way it will be more special for you. Parents can be annoying and so on, you think they are tryin to be mean when taking your phone or grounding you because you did something stupid. your parents have a right to be YOUR PARENT, they are trying to teach you how to live a good life, how to be a great person and eventually you all will grow the **** up and understand that your parents are not out to sabatoge you, they are just trying to do their best! or how in mens health you have the stupid lil boys who are worried about their penis sizes, no one cares that you have a 4 inch dick. or questions about why your brother has a bigger penis than you…just remember, pretty much everything that happens in your life is meaningless…. things like what kind of clothes you wear or if you have a zit on your face, or if you have to go shopping with your mom, or if a boy breaks up with you, or girl breaks up wit ha boy, none of this will matter when you get older, when your in college or out starting your real life, you will not look back and be like my life would be so much better had i had the best clothes/hair and so on….. the only think teens should be worrying about is….. how they can improve their lives, in the long run. Go to school, be healthy, just be a kid, have fun, hang out with friends, dont get in trouble, stop worrying about when your period will start or how big your boobs/penis are. Right now you may think that high school will make or break you…. which it will not… it is school, do your best and you will have a great life ahead of you! sorry for the rant, go ahead and rant away everyone else!! :)yes sorry i did post this but for some reason it was taken down 4 min after i posted it
A: Gr8 job done….The apt thing done by u , chik due to which most of the ppl were irritated…I think this question should be starred on the face of Women’s , Men’s Health, Family realtionships etc…Nobody will have any of these sick questions to ask..lolThanks Would definitely like to talk to you..If poss send me ur id or add me on Y messenger. ID’s on profile
How do some girls go from loving you so much to breaking up?
Q: My girlfriend just dumped me after 10 awesome weeks together. We pretty much had our life together mapped out and both seemed to be on the same page. I noticed about a month ago, the week before her period, she got a little distant. The next week everything was back to normal. Then this month exactly 4 weeks later the same thing happened. I offered her the opportunity to end it because the uncertainty of the month before just ripped my guts out and I lost 20 pounds because I couldnt eat half the time. So she took the opportunity and now says she never loved me, she doesnt think she loves me enough to spend the rest of her life with me, she needs space, come on I get it but why? I can’t imagine how you go from so hot to so cold in a matter of days? The strangest thing was that we went away together and really had a great time the week before.. Can a woman’s period make changes in someone that drastic? Please dont think I am being insulting because I know many woman get insulted when a guy blames something on their hormones. But I am really trying not to do that, just trying to understand.. I dont want to end this if its something she just cant control. I absolutely wont call her.. I guess wait and see if she calls me? I already made the ultimate mistake of getting drunk for three days and emailing her what equates to a novel of how much I love her, I know, I know… But we really hit it off and not only do I love her I love her son too in a cool uncle sort of way. He is 3 and awesome and really liked me too. I could play and build block houses with him all day even though he kept knocking them down:( Now I feel like 2 people died and I am helpless to do anything about it. So come on girls help a guy out, please!! Do I give her the space she says she needs? Pester her until she hates me? Wait? How long? Worst thing is that she lives 2000 miles away and we were commuting every weekend to see each other. We would talk every night for at least 2 to 4 hours. There had to really have been something there or am I just crazy? Okay, here’s the real kicker, I am 43 and she is 22. But her parents as well as mine had even greater age differences and we seriously discussed the issue prior to getting involved. She had less of an issue with the difference than I did. Some please some advice folks. If you get her back for me I will buy you all a beer! My thanks for those who dont call me a fool.Yes we were sleeping together and she was completely happy in that aspect. We had great chemistry.One last thing, she did tell me every night how much she loved me. She seemed to fall harder than I did.
A: K well it sucks dude, but that’s the whole thing about relationships. i dont think it has anything to do with her period…at all. I mean, a period can cause mood swings (hence she didnt talk to you that much during the week), but it wouldnt make her less interested in you.Women man. Espeically young ones. They want freedom, many dont want to commit to one person when theyre young. 10 weeks is such a sort period of time, especially if you think it’s love. I would break contact for now, and get ahold of her down the road. Don’t stay friends with her for now, it will just affirm to her that she is young and doesnt want anything fully committed yet.
These are the characteristics of someone I am dating, shuold I run for my life?
Q: 1-Whenever we are at a restaurant , he makes sthng to attract attention. He is charming about it but he is always making scenes in a humorous sense.2-He reacts to criticism or expression of discomfort in an aggressive and wild attitude. When asked why every time we fight he does this he says it is to provoke you to break the silence. 3-He wears only expensive brands, drives a jaguar, spends money extravagantly.4-He complains a lot about his health.5-He wants ppl to accommodate him , come to meet him next to his house etc.6-He is always super busy7-He hates it when someone complains of his attitude and demands from him some presence.8-He had a very active sexual life with anti social values until two or three years ago. Going out with ill reputed ladies and having affairs with married women, now afraid that it will all be brought back on him.9-He cares so much about his appearance and mine (physical)10-Is very superficial regarding his emotions , he talked a lot about how he loved me first two weeks , but now is always too busy to send even one sms.11-When talking about past relationship he is always brief and never gives details unless it is of sexual nature, but his engagement and marriage is a big dark secret and the reasons he is giving for the divorce and breakup are totally wired.12-He is always making manly gestures , opening the door, lighting my cigarette , buying stocks of them , spending on outing and presents a lot… he told me about his 20,000 USD salary after almost 10 days of knowing him13-He is claiming to know influential ppl at my organization yet refusing to tell me their names and stating that he harmed someone who harmed me and yet refusing to say how or giving any details (fishy!!)14-He loves dirty jokes and superficial talks with no substance, he gets suffocated by deep conversations and overly down.15-In a period of 3 months , he had so many complaints about his health (high blood pressure, allergy attack, maree2 inflammation, food poisoning, low oxygen level and high hemoglobin) 16-Making comments about my physical appearance , why not try shorter hair, I love tight ¾ trousers and describes sandals that match, he evn described length of nails and type of nail paint that he likes .. etche makes the 20,000 USD a month, his car is provided by his company as well as his house.. he doesn’t have him in his nameguys , no I need someone to tell me , cause he is charming , fun, good looking and rich! I need someone to tell me this is no good and why!
A: The fact that you are asking this question is pretty telling. . . it definitely isn’t a good sign. It isn’t good that he can’t take criticism well- of course no one likes to be criticized but it is important for people to be able to listen to the feedback that other people give them and it sounds like he just reacts defensively. It also isn’t a good sign that he is so evasive about his past and his personal life. He doesn’t need to tell you everything, but in my experience these are signs of people who have trust issues and who are hiding something. He sounds like he demands a lot from you, but isn’t giving you back a lot in terms of trust and honesty. He may spend money but that won’t make up for the emotional toll he could take. Overall, it is easy to judge someone from outside the relationship but in my opinion this guy has way too many issues and you are going to end up hurt, and it seems like a part of you already knows that.
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