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Why is cheese good

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Cheese is good because it is salty and fattening. It can be melted over just about anything. It can be stinky, soft, hard, etc. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-cheese-good ]
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Why is cheese good?
cause it is made of Ryan Wellmans
Is cottage cheese good for you?
A lot of people wonder is cottage cheese good for you since it is made from curd milk. The truth is that cottage cheese is a great source of calcium but it is much healthy if you purchase or make the non fat kind. This way you are not takin…
How Long Is Cheese Good For?
・ The existence of cheese pre-dates recorded history, and there is no conclusive evidence as to where it… ・ Fresh cheeses, because they are minimally processed and still contain a good deal of moisture, tend to… ・ Supermarket cheeses li…

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Why isnt cheese good for you?
Q: Out of all the brands of bricks of cheese at my dads house and moms, all of them have at least 0.2 g of trans fat, I thought cheese was supposed to be good for you?edit: dont really care abotu the actual fat, just the trans fat seems kind of stupid, as it never leaves you.
A: its good because of the calcium
Why is brick cheese good for you, but when you melt it, it turns bad somehow?
Q: Or is melted cheese exactly as good for you as cold brick cheese. I’m talking cheddar and mozzerella here.
A: Melted cheese has the same nutritional attributes as solid cheese. It’s high in fat and calories, but has protien and calcium, and tastes good!
Why is “good cheese” considered the cheese that smells like nether regions?
Q: Please explain.
A: That’s not always true. For example a good Parmesan cheese doesn’t smell like the laundry basket. A fresh Gorgonzola doesn’t either.
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