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Why is it called hemophilia

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A:Hemophila is called that because the Human blood contains special proteins, known as clotting factors but not hemophiliacs. Thanks [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-it-called-hemophilia ]
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Why is it called hemophilia
Hemophila is called that because the Human blood contains special proteins, known as clotting factors but not hemophiliacs. Thanks
What is hemophilia commonly called?
Many years ago, it was refered to as ‘the Royal Disease” also the “Bleeding disease”. Hemophilia B is also known as Christmas Disease.
Is there such a disease called “Cambeonautic Hemophilia”…?
After looking through any of the reference encyclopedia’s with the subarea of hemophilia, there is no such disease or disorder anywhere. If it were there would be a reference to it there. I also went to a second assumption thinking of the w…

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Interesting etymology question?
Q: I’m curious about this now. Podophilia is an attraction to feet. Pedophilia is an attraction to kids.Necrophilia is an attraction to dead bodies.Dendrophilia is an arousal from trees.Hemophilia is a clotting factor disorder.Why call it this, and what, do you call someone who likes blood then?
A: “philia” endings denote an abnormal attraction.I do not know haemophilia got its name.The word you are looking for is “haematolagnia”
where did the word blueblood originate?was there ever blood that was blue?isnt purple the color of royalty?
Q: i was reading online. and story said the blood of royalty was blue because it was copper based and not hemoglobin based. because they started marring commoners, thats why they had hemophilia. so why is european royalty called bluebloods?
A: Royalty and Nobility didn’t have to work in the sun, so their skin was pale, and translucent, and their veins showed. Look at your arm…the veins are BLUE. Purple is a royal color (and blue, too) because of the very expensive dye that was made from the periwinkle, a small shellfish found in the Mediterranean Sea. Note the difference between the appearance of blue blood, and the actual purple fabric dye. They actually have nothing to do with one another.
Can some one answer these for me?
Q: 1. What is Hemophilia? 2. How does it affect a person?3. Why is it called The Royal Disease?4. Who is the gene inherited from?5. Is Hemophilia present in the Royal Houses of Europe today?6. How as it thought to enter the Royal ‘line’?7. Is there any cure or treatment for the disease? 8. List some other bit of information which you might have learned in your reading of this condition.
A: Sounds like biology homework :P1. It is a genetic disorder2. that impairs the body’s ability to control blood clotting, which is used to stop bleeding when a blood vessel is broken.3. Because it has featured prominently in European royalty (e.g. Queen Vicky and her son Leopold)4. A carrier mother has a 50% possibility of passing it on to her son.5. No…?6. Suggested that she is a result of an affair and that her father was not really the Duke of Kent7. It can’t be cured, but it can be controlled with regular infusions of the deficient clotting factor.8. There are 4 possible outcomes for a baby of a woman carrier of the gene – girl not a carrier, girl who is a carrier, boy without and boy with hemophilia.Hope I got it all right 🙂 :Pxx
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