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Will alcohol make pimples go away

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Placing an alcohol soaked pad on top of a pimple will dry it out and cause it to go away. Drinking alcohol does not cure acne. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-alcohol-make-pimples-go-away ]
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Will alcohol make pimples go away
Placing an alcohol soaked pad on top of a pimple will dry it out and cause it to go away. Drinking alcohol does not cure acne. ChaCha!

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If I pop my pimples and blackhead, than immediately clean them with alcohol acne pads, will it help cleanse it?
Q: I want to pop my pimples, than cleanse them with the pads. Will the pimples being popped still spread if I cleanse them. And will it also help make them go away? Thank you, God Bless, and happy new year!
A: your not supposed to pop your pimples the nasty stuff inside spreads and creates more acne. also alcohol can help acne go away but a product like clean and or neutragina helps get rid of it faster.:Dgood luck
I’ve tried everything to rid myself of acne. Please Help!?
Q: I guess my acne is only ‘mild’, but nothing I do will make the pimples go away. They only show up around my chin, but occasionally I’ll get one on my forehead or cheek. I really only have constant pimples on my chin that do not go away. I am naturally pretty pale, so any marks are extremely noticeable. I have many (at least 5 on each side of my chin) little skin-colored bumps, and then there are a few skin-colored bumps that are a bit larger in the middle of my chin. I also have the remains of a huge cystic pimple that hasn’t gone away, and that originally appeared back in October. It was extremely painful to begin with, but now all that is left is an occasionally sore red circle. My chin breaks out regularly, usually one or two pimples at a time, but there is always a mark left, even though I usually don’t pop them. I’m 16 and recently moved to a pretty humid environment with hot sweaty summers and freezing winters, and since I moved from Arizona, where it’s extremely dry, I was thinking that maybe the humidity is getting to my skin. I’ve been here for about 8 months, and I would think my skin would’ve adjusted by now.I’ve used everything these past 8 months, so I’ll try to list them all (sorry this is long, but I want to be as detailed as possible):-Clean & Clear Continuous Acne Control Cleanser-Clearasil Benzoyl Peroxide Spot Treatment-Neutrogena Acne Cleansing Cloths (ones in the orange tub)-Neutrogena Rapid Clear Pads and Gel Spot Treatment-St. Ives Apricot Scrub-Noxema (Original and scrub)-Neutrogena Stress Control Cream Cleanser-Noxema Blemish Pads (these worked well for me two years ago, but do nothing now)Natural/At-Home Remedies I have used with no effect include aspirin, witch hazel (which was all I had to use in Arizona for soft, clean skin), yogurt, and alcohol.I miss my beautiful, clear skin that has seemingly abandoned me since leaving AZ. I am currently using PanOxyl Wash in the morning (contains Benzoyl Peroxide), Aveeno Clear Complexion Cleanser Pads at night (these seem to help ‘brighten’ my skin and help with scars, so I will probably stick with these), and I moisturize with Clean & Clear Oil-Free Morning Burst. I have recently tried Bye Bye Blemish drying lotion, and this seems to help a small bit with visible whiteheads, but does nothing to other blemishes.I’m on my step mother’s insurance, and she won’t let me see a dermatologist.*Please don’t suggest ProActive, as it burns my skin and makes it red.*I don’t know what to try anymore, since nothing really helps. Am I just going through that teenage pimple phase? I’d really appreciate any advice or suggestions. I miss feeling pretty and secure with myself.
A: You should try Cetaphil, it’s recommended by Dermatologists and its a very popular, affordable product. You can find it everywhere, trust me, try it!!!It sounds to me your skin is reacting to some products, and your over doing it and switching products all the time. Cetaphil has natural ingredients and is formulated for people with sensitive, dry/oily skin, and for acne. I have sensitive skin on my face, and when I started wearing makeup I was breaking out. I didn’t realise I needed to find makeup and beauty products for sensitive skin. I tried products like clearasil, clear and clear etc, but it made it even worse and didn’t work because they are full of nasty ingredients your skin doesn’t need.Cetaphil is gentle and doesn’t take the natural oils of your skin away. Even celebrities use it, visit the Cetaphil site for more information. It’s a cheap product as well. If you want to speed up getting rid of spots faster, try clay masks or an oxy spot cream. Also, you can steam your face after you have washed it, so that you can get rid of blackheads etc, that cause pimples.Try Cetaphil, it’s really worth it.
how do I get rid of this white head?
Q: I have a small white head on my bottom lip line and I want it to go away before picture day on Wednesday. it has been there since I believe Tuesday.. I have been washing it and putting pimple cream and Noxzema on it.. right now it hard and hurts and I want to pop it but I don’t know if I should considering pictures are soon. What is the fastest way to get rid of it before Wednesday? Will rubbing alcohol make it go away? if I have to use drastic measures and pop it, what else can I put on it so it does not scar or get worse and spread? thank you 🙂
A: i would defiantly pop it, and then put alcohol right after you pop it. but pop it asap.
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