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Will my acne get worse if I tan

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People who tan in the sun or in tanning booths or beds run the risk of developing dry, irritated, or even burned skin. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-my-acne-get-worse-if-i-tan ]
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Will my acne get worse if I tan
People who tan in the sun or in tanning booths or beds run the risk of developing dry, irritated, or even burned skin.
Why does my acne get better or worse when I go in the sun or tann…?
Basically, sun exposure has a drying effect on our skin and cause damages to the sebaceous gland (i.e. oil-producing glands located in the deeper layers of our skin, and are attached to the hair follicle) to make them temporarily less activ…

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If i put a self tanner on my face will it clog my pores? or give me even worse acne?
Q: my acne my face isnt noticeable bad.but my face isnt as tan as the rest of my body whitch is preety tan naturally, and i jsut wanted to know if i will get acne from this?and should i use a lotion or sprayy?!!:)thanksss
A: It depends. If you have sensitive skin then your acne may become worse, and you may get a rash on your face. And there are some lotions you can find that say WON’T CLOG PORES. Just be careful to read the back. :]
I have mild acne. I want to get darker, but will tanning beds make it worse?
Q: I notice that it gets worse on my back when I tan in them, but I think that’s because I sweat so much and my back stays against the glass. This sounds crazy, but it would it be totally weird if I took a towel in with me and laid on it then flipped on my stomach half-way through to avoid all of that sweating against the bed?
A: just use stand up booths til the acne goes away (use special body washes if ur already not)or arch that back when ur bakin girll!!!!!!!!!
If I shower immediately after tanning and and using tanning lotion will it still work?
Q: I put on tanning lotion before tanning, and sometimes it makes my skin break out so I wanted to wash it off as soon as possible so I wouldn’t get bad acne. Will my tan still show up? Would it be better to just tan without the lotion? Which would be more effective?
A: There could be something in the lotion that makes you break out. Try one that is fragrant free and paraben free. There are also some brands that make tanning lotion for the face. If you choose not use lotion, you should use a salon grade moisturizer after tanning. The over the counter ones may contain ingredients that block the sun. These will prevent you from tanning. The majority of people I know do not use anything on their face. Some prefer to cover their face with a towel. If you use a bronzer on your body you need to leave it on for a couple of hours before showering. Don’t forget to use a salon grade moisturizer.
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