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Will Proactive clear up my acne and acne scars

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Acne.org has over 2,500 comments from users about the product. Overall, they give Proactiv 3 out of 5 stars. There are a lot of complaints about it and a lot of good reviews. It just seems to get average ratings; but does not claim to help scarring. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-proactive-clear-up-my-acne-and-acne-scars ]
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Will Proactive clear up my acne and acne scars
Acne.org has over 2,500 comments from users about the product. Overall, they give Proactiv 3 out of 5 stars. There are a lot of complaints about it and a lot of good reviews. It just seems to get average ratings; but does not claim to help …

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Does proactive clear up acne scars to?
Q: Does it, ive been using proactive for 11 days now and its clearing/healing up my acne. But will it make the scars go away too?? And black heads?
A: im definately sure that the blackheads will clear the blackheads and im 50 percent for the scar because ive been using proactiv for 3 weeks and only 3 acne scar was gone =) hope this helps you ! dont give up on proactiv thoo , it really works =P~goodluck
What are some good products that help treat acne and acne scars for guys ? Where can I get them ?
Q: Right now I’m using Acne Free Solutions for a while and it has helped me a little bit but I’m wondering if there is something else for guys besides Proactive that will help me clear up my acne and acne scars ? No stupid answers please. And can you garauntee that the product will work ? Just wondering …
A: well from personal exprience and plenty of my friends with that problem if you quit touching your face it helps tremendusly seriously and washing your face i suggest to quit using all that expensive knock off stuff just use oxy or clearisil wash your face when you wake and before bed but for your scars theres not much for them they happen from picking zits over and over so stop touching face and wash best thing
Will my acne be cleared up if over summer vaca i…………?
Q: My summer vacation is coming up after this week and i will be going to highschool. I have acne not super bad but its noticable. Its just kinda on the sides of my face (on each side there is a bad are) and i have some scarring. Over summer vacation i want it to be cleared up …..tell me if u think this will work. Okay so i have 8 weeks of vacation. and this is what i m gonna do.Im gonna eat super healthy and i meanhealthy. forget all the junk food and chocolate because that doesnt exist to me anymore.drink a lot of water at least 8 glasses a day.Dont put makeup unlessi absolutely have to because im going somewhere,do a face routine that involves washing in the moring and steaming my face and using spot treatment and proactive at night. and avoid all those things that cause zits like touhing my face and i will have my hair always pulled back awyay from my face. And my mom said she will take me to get those laser things or thoise special treatments to get rid of acne scars.
A: The skin is the largest organ of the body and it helps other organs with eliminating waste. One of the best acne treatments is a diet which will help the body eliminate waste so that it won’t interfere with your skin and cause acne. If you are unhealthy on the inside it will be reflected in your skin.It is the livers job to remove hormones from the body. If your liver can’t remove hormones fast enough you will end up with too much oil in your skin because hormones are like an instruction manual telling your skin to produce more oil. The function of the liver is also to get rid of toxins. If there is an over-load of toxins in your body, the liver can have problems removing hormones.So what toxins concern acne sufferes the most? Mycotoxins. These nasty little chemicals are the ‘excreted’ waste of bacteria such as yeast, and usually found in the intestines. Mycotoxins put a strain on your liver and you already know what happens when your liver doesn’t get rid of hormones!Using diet alone as a natural acne treatment was not as bad as I had thought it would be. There are many foods that help the liver and help remove waste from the body.What foods are good for cleaning the body? Two of the best foods are apples and psyllium husks. They both contain fibers that act like a broom and absorb and push out all the junk that’s stuck in your intestines, sometimes stuff that has even been there for many years! The ‘junk’ is also the perfect breeding ground for the bacteria that produce mycotoxins.And what foods are good for helping the liver? Beetroot. Beetroot is known for it’s exceptional liver cleansing properties. Another good food, or herb actually, is milk thistle. Scientific studies have suggested that certain chemicals in milk thistle protect the liver from damage caused by viruses, toxins and alcohol.To cure your acne, you need to correct the problems inside your body that are causing your acne. No over-the-counter creams can do this. They can only kill bacteria on your face and help reduce the redness.I used Acne Free In 3 Days to clear my face http://www.solvemyproblem.info/cblink.cgi?v=acnefree but what works for me doesn’t always work for everybody, so you should also consider alternatives like Acne No More which is a holistic cure for acne http://www.solvemyproblem.info/cblink.cgi?v=buk028959It’s not important what solution you use, but that you do something about your acne now because people WILL judge you by your face which also plays a huge role on peoples’ 1st impressions of you. I know, it’s really shallow, but that’s human nature!
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