I suffer from dry red eyes mon. thur fri. what can i do. i don’t drink or smoke?

Q:I suffer from dry red eyes mon. thur fri. what can i do. i don’t drink or smoke?
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Have you visited your optometrist? They can test for dry eye and try to determine exactly the cause. Since your problem seems to not occur on the weekend it sounds like it may be related to work. When people are concentrating (reading, looking at the computer) they tend to blink as much as 50% less than normal. This leads to dry, irritated eyes. But other causes can be not enough lipids being produced (lipids keep your tears from evaporating too fast) or from not enough tears being produced.Contrary to popular belief – Visine is NOT recommended by eye care professionals!! Visine simply disguises the problem by vasoconstriction (constricting your blood vessels so your eye appears whiter) and can cause rebound redness after continued use – which is often worse than the reason you were using them! Several companies make very good OTC drops for dry eyes. Systane and refresh tears are reallly good. Look for drops that are preservative free. These companies also make gels that, although blur vision for a little bit (since they are so viscous) but do provide better relief. These are probably best used right before bed. Something that some patients find as really helpful is flushing the eye out with the drops instead of just applying a few. It seems to provide longer relief but uses the drops up faster…Also you can take omega-3 supplements to help with the lipid layer of your tear film, which is responsible from keeping your tears from evaporating too fast.Try using some eye drops during the week and see if that helps. If not, make an appointment with your optometrist. Good luck!
Take The Homeopathic Remedy BELLADONNA 30C thrice a day half hour before or after meals, Take for atleast three days regularly and let me know about your progress. You will be okay in a few days.Take Care and God Bless you moistureeyes
let someone ji.zz in ur eyes
It sounds like you could be allergic to your environment at work. Do you work in an air conditioned building Monday thru Friday? Maybe they dry the air too much. YOu could try giving your eyes a break by getting out of that building during lunch. Or maybe you should change jobs.
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