Morgellan’s Disease. What is the cure?

Q:To whom it may concern about Morgellons DiseaseFor many years I thought there was something incredibly wrong with me. Why did I feel bugs and there were none? Why couldn’t my wife or kids find anything on my head or body and yet I could feel something move? I could see these fibrous somethings sometimes flying off my head. Others could too, especially in a bright daylight setting. I would go to the bathroom and using a metal lice comb; I could comb out a bunch of what looked like lint and feel relief for a while from the crawly feeling. Use of hair gel would assist holding these bugs down so they would not be seen escaping my head by anyone else. Thinking they may be a lice type of bug I would resort to lice shampoo and get some relief for awhile. Being hairy most all over, I would use it everywhere. I turned the corner in beating these things with the use of cider vinegar. A good pour of cider vinegar over top of one’s head in the shower really kicks their butt and then a few days l
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With what EXXTON says of “delusional parasitosis” is true for many cases. But I just saw on the news last night that a boy had something on the side of his lip for a long time. It looked like a blister. The mother took him to the doctor . The mother suspected for a while that it is Morgellan’s Disease. The doctor suggested the mother seek a psychiatrist- for herself!!But later, she notified a scientist who took samples of the fibers coming from inside the boys “blister” , and examined it under a microscope. They found fibers that were not human hairs, NOT ANYTHING SYNTHETIC, and they also determined it WAS NOT LINT. Still, it left him and other authorities of the research center BAFFLED.Another case was a lady claiming that it is slowly causing a mental deterioration and aches and pains all over her body. She seemed more in pain than delusional. Poor lady. The agony affects her family. Her 3 daughters have the same conditions. Yet the doctors , going by the book, do not know what else to do than say that it is all in their heads.There have never been extensive research done on MORGELLAN’s disease. Cases have been mentioned throughout our history, but not enough study was done about it. Thus, you will NOT FIND this condition in any MEDICAL BOOKS. Scientists should come together, raise money, and start a research and at least be able to DISTINGUISH THE CHARACTERISTICS of Morgellan’s disease. That way doctors will stop classifying what those people have as DELUSIONAL PARASITOSIS. It doesn’t exist.Ask yourself this: did you notice these symptoms before or after reading about “morgellan’s disease”? Odds are, you’re more suggestable than you realize.There’s a different condition known as “delusional parasitosis”; it’s basically where a person thinks they have a parasite or disease, when they really don’t. It’s a treatable disorder.The fibers you see coming off of you are not the result of a disease; it’s perfectly normal. People get little fibers and dust stuck on them all the time, mostly because they wear clothes; the cotton fibers come out sometimes.The lint-like stuff that you comb out of your hair? Probably dandruff. Again, a lot of people have it.What you should really do is talk to a psychologist. There may actually be something wrong with you (although i suspect there isn’t), or there may not. A psychologist will be able to help you determine if something wierd really is going on, or if it’s all in your head.And don’t be cheap; look around for a good doctor. It’s important.
Doctors have successfully treated Magellen’s Disease with an antipsychotic drug called RisperidoneThis disease is being more widely known as a real disease in the Mental Health setting.
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