Pass a durg test?

Q:my friend need to pass a drug test to get a job what is the best thing to do
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go to the GNC stores and ask someone for a tea or fruit punch drink to clean out your system for a drug test. don’t be shy, that’s their job and know what is best. sorry, don’t recall the name, but it costs anywhere from 20-40 bucks. just remember to drink lots of water good luck.
OMG! Your friend does DURGS?!? Durgs are bad,mmmmmkay? (by the way,what’s a durg?)
do they want a job? Tell them to cut the drugs loose.Its time they grow up and get priorities in order
Not take drugs.EDIT:How about if he’s old enough to have a job, then he should grow up and stop doing drugs.
The best way to pass a drug test is to not take drugsdrug tests are so sophisticated now for employment – odds are pretty good that your friend will not pass the testYour friend needs Jesus and maybe rehab instead of a job
If the test is with a strand of hair then they are in big trouble because stuff stays in your hair for months. If it is a urine test that is easier to pass but if they are on drugs they don’t deserve to pass. This is why you shouldn’t do drugs they aren’t good for you and they can really ruin your future,
Surf the net for things. There is something called Vail’s Original Formula that has worked for me the only time I had to pass a test. It also depends on whether or not it is a hair or piss test.
QUIT. See what it does to you? You can’t even spell the word DRUG…durg?
Study hard.
Let them fail. They’re on drugs so why should they be allowed or be deserving enough of a job!?
Errr, stop taking drugs!
dont do drugs
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