Does drinking your own urine positively affects your health?

Q:Does drinking your own urine positively affects your health?
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Yes, it’s like acid, I’ve see no TV persons that have drunk their urine because they didn’t had no water (now they are OK< thank God) and they got an infection in the neck zone and had some problems with their stomach.
Your urine is sterile to you, so it could be used for cleaning something going back on your body. Drinking it helps hold off dehydration for a little bit, but a daily glass of pee is not a good idea. Stick to water unless you are in a desert.
what made you even think of drinking your waste!?
The first flash should be let out and the consumption of rest in the early morning helps you to enhance the immunity against many diseases. Also the cows calf urine which has rich medicinal values according to the Ayurveda.
i dunno but i think you better try and report back to us
Don’t have a clue, but even if it was I would not try drinking it. that is just sickening.
no..its just like a drink…probly nasty though….
It contains wastes, ammonia, and would cause more dehydration. That would be a no.
uhm no…though generally speaking it won’t negatively affect it either from a single ingestion.Urine is sterile (that means no bacteria, viruses etc) and contains various waste products dissolved in water, that the body has no use for, mostly urea, which is a waste product from protein metabolism, but also minerals, excess vitamins, drugs etc. Anything your body has metabolized, has no further use for, and can dissolve in water. Drinking ones own urine I think is part of some aruyvedic “health” practices. And it is also a sexual fetish for some people. Some wacky new age cults promote it as a “health” practice now as well. There have been some cases of people trapped without water who drank their own urine to survive, but it only works for a few days as the urine becomes increasingly concentrated with waste products and less water. Eventually you will die if you keep recycling your own fluid waste. this will give you a little info on that subject.
If urine was helpful to the body, the body would not eject it.
Absolutely! Why don’t you go have yourself a glass right now?
a friend of mine swore by drinking his own urine. he said he drank up to 80% of his daily urine. he wouldn’t drink it if he’d drunk a lot of water… thus diluting it too much to be of benefit to consume. he even carried around a little flask to urinate into during the day so he could drink it wherever he was. i think it is disgusting. i will never try it. he said it was good for his immune system, and it helped him to keep a pure diet – he also did it for spiritual improvement… saying it helped him know himself in the most fundamental way. I asked my naturopath about it, she said urine is full of uric acid, which is not good for you, and advised against the practice. Another friend of mine was traveling in India and became very sick. Nothing helped. An ayurvedic doctor recommended she drink her first urine of the morning, for three weeks. She said it was revolting, but that it did get her better. Was it the urine, or the passage of time that naturally healed her. In any case, the urine-drinking didn’t adversely affect her recovery. I would think so, you would be drinking the toxins that are in your body along with other nasty germs.
No. Your body is getting rid of urine for a reson!
No, but apparently it was a method used by doctors to see if you had diabetes or not….Back in the day.
NOT!! Urine contains trace amounts of a chemical called hydrazine. If ingested over long periods of time it can do some NAY-US-TEE things to your bod.Urine is waste! Put it where waste belongs.
i don’t know i haven’t tried it. Have you? Although they say that our body is a filter and the urine is the most purified water in the world, i wouldn’t try it. If it were any good to be put back into our body I don’t think our internal filter system would be releasing it. When we drink something our body takes all the nutrients from it already i doubt there is anything left except germs or waste.
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