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Q:attention !!!?attention !!!?what if the girl sleep with two men and the two men ,carried both male (Y) sperm ? who will be the father of the child? first intercourse is on 20,21,22 and the second men is on the 23th .. and her ovulation is on the 24 , who will be the winner ? the first or the second man ?
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Trust me NO ONE WINS. Be responsible.
Get a paternity test to find out for sure. Unless this is a hypothetical question. ITs possible that it could be both. There is documentation of a person having two different “babies” inside them, from two different time frames, even. Anyways, if this is you, you should opt for DNA testing.
Not sure who will be the father, but Y sperm swim much slower than X sperm, so it will probably be the first one.
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