Has anyone ever heard of treating severe acne with chiropractic therapy?

Q:My son was diagnosed with moderate to severe acne (closer to severe than moderate, says the doctor), he was told he should be put on accutane. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories, so I looked into alternative medicine. I took him to a wellnes center, they took x-rays since his neck was tender. They found that C1,2 & 3 vertabrae are really out of line. I believe it is C3 that is pushing on his pituitary gland, they feel that this could be the cause of his acne. Has anyone every heard of anything like this? He is receiving physical therapy. I really hope it works for him, he’s only 14 and he’s been dealing w/severe acne for almost a year now and I’m so sad for him. He and my husband don’t believe this is going to work and I’m constantly butting heads with their closed minds. I just want to find a safe and effective treatment for him. Please let me know if you have any info. Thanks! Evie
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Yes, I have heard of this. I’ve never talked to anybody who said that chiropractic cured their acne, but it certainly can’t hurt to try! Accutane is a last resort, I agree totally with you.I went to a chiropractor several years ago because I couldn’t get rid of these severe headaches. My neck was a little stiff, from working at a computer all th time. I also had sinus trouble and was taking Claritin D every day, year round.This chiropractor really helped straighten me out. No more headaches, and a marked difference in the sinus trouble. I only take sinus medication occasionally now, and the spine at my neck is much more loose. When it gets stiff, I can move it around and feel it pop back into place… and immediately feel my sinuses draining, which gets rid of my headaches. Chiropractic therapy can do a lot of things for people.I personally believe that people shouldn’t need to keep on going for long periods of time, though. If he doesn’t get relief within a few months, then I’d say it’s time to move on to something else.
Sounds like a load of crap. Just buy some clearasil like everyone else.
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