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Q:can someone give me a good and will informed defenition of what meditation is?
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What is meditation?There are many types of meditation. The one definition that fits almost all types is…”Consciously directing your attention to alter your state of consciousness.”
Meditation is about focus. Ultimate stage is you are so focused that you know about everything, but to start with ideally try to focus on your self. Know your abilities, weaknesses and possibilities. It’s about increasing your vitality to be more passionate and active about what you do, mind you both good and bad things in life 🙂 ! To start with you can focus on being truthful completely (not that you are not) and see how that brings change to your life. You need to focus on this aspect and that focus can be derived from meditation. To start you may need to accept certain basic theories, without questions :), like you will need to keep your eyes open while doing meditation to conquer sight and thought, please do so. This also comes with a funny notion that let’s meditate on the light than darkness :)Like alcohol does affect the way a person think after he/she consume it, every food that we take also affect our thinking pattern and how we live life. So think about which is the ideal food that can help you do proper meditation. Keep in mind animals that survive of grass are calm, most of the time 🙂 and live long. And just site quite any place and keep your eyes open and try to reduce your thoughts and try to see if you can hold your thoughts – most probably you will notice that this has something to do with how you breath at that time. Then comes how to breathe during meditation, ideally if you can completely stop breathing that is really great :), but since you have plans for the week end, don’t push it too hard just try to elongate the breath and make it lighter, as if like you will never know when you took the breath in and when you exhaled the air out. This is a very high stage of meditation and if you reached this stage, you will surely find a Guru by the blessing of Lord Shiva and with the blessing of Guru will attain further higher stages.Breath easy 🙂 Meditation has many forms, but the most basic is the relaxation of the mind through breathing techniques and body posture.
Meditation is nothing more than relaxing. But, In a way of thinking spicific thoughts. Certain meditations are for certain people. If you just need to be calmer or in need of relaxation, You would usually close you eyes and imagine a nice and peacefull place. After a while you open your eyes and feel AMAZING. Try it out. a good site is… click on Audio. Just do what it says. It feels good.
Meditation practice, in my own experience, is a technique to still our fleeting mind, getting to know oneself. I feel very blessed to have come into contact with this technique as it is helping me cope very well in my every life. Part of a well-known quote “… to quiet our hearts and investigate the truth of life. Isn’t it time that we begin?”Check out
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