question for a chiropractor…/need advice and suggestions…?

Q:my brother just received news today that he was born with 2 neck vertabrae (C5 & C6) fused together. So I suppose he was born with 6 vertabrae in his neck instead of 7. Please give me some advice on what kind of medication he should be on, how many times a year should he visit a chiropractor and anything in the alternative medicine area that could help him out with pain?
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My bet is that a chiroprator wont treat him. fused is fused, and it cant be adjusted. I suggest massage therapy to relax and loosen muscle tissue which will be more inclined to become tense and painful due to reduced range of motion.
Hi David. I am a retired Chiropractor. Technically speaking, your brother has all 7 vertebrae – two of them are ‘just’ fused together. Generally this type of condition would be expected to cause increased biomechanical stress on the vertebra above and the vertebra below the fusion. The segments above and below the fusion will ‘work harder’ as they compensate for the loss of motion at the level of the fusion. The extra biomechanical stress on the adjoining vertebrae may cause early disc degeneration and arthritic changes at these levels. Consequently, regular chiropractic treatment may be very helpful in limiting the effects and the progression of this situation.Find a good Chiropractor and work with him/her over the long-term to manage this condition.Best wishes and good luck.
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