What is the easy way to reduce/clear stomach gas.?

Q:What is the easy way to reduce/clear stomach gas.?
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do pranayams ( yoga) and u will be fine Source(s):www.musicandchants.com
culprit is probably the combo of foods. for relief.go for a brisk walk, then rub some peppermint oil on your tummy. or chew some papaya tablets that you can get at the natural food store..
Eat fruit on their own and preferably on an empty stomach. ie. don’t eat a meal and then have a piece of fruit. Or if you must, wait an hour at least til you have that orange/apple etc..
do research on food combining, certain foods together can make you gassy. or you might have an allergy. the bottom line is if you eat well (ie: avoid fatty, starch, over processed), ya won’t get gas, or if you do , you might have something else going on.try taking fiber, like psyllium husks (you can get those at a health food store) or metamucil, etc, and drink LOTS of water. if you weigh 160 you should be drinking 80 oz of water a day! eat more veggies, avoid starches. diet is crucial for proper digestion.
I know that baking soda helps but I am not quite sure how you use it or how to mix it. sorry that isn’t much help but maybe you can look into it.
Become a Vegetarian.
Take antacid. I’m a hyperacidic myself. And it’s really on a different high level. I’m taking Zantac right now. Just always remember, eat just enough. You may also take milk with solid food. Pure milk will just aggravate your acid. Don’t take coffee, softdrinks, tea when you’re acidic.
Several things.#1 There is an over the counter medication called Gas X- in chewable or pill form.#2 Some people with a lot of gas have to stear away from spicy foods, onions, peppers, prunes and such. #3 you might check out to see if you have a dairy digestion problem. You can buy milk called Lactaid, and there are pills to take or chew to help you digest the milk sugar.#4 don’t drink from a straw because you are more apt to swallow more air.#5 Also take a good walk a little bit after eating, it will help move the gas out.#6 There is a over the counter pill called Beano which helps people digest things like beans, broclii etc.#7 don’t drink soda or other drinks with bubbles in them.#8 chew your food well, make sure the digestive juices from your mouth work on what you are chewing. Don’t chew and talk at the same time.#9 keep a record of what you eat when you get more gas, then try to avoid food that gives you gas or use one of those meds I recommended. Alway check with your doctor chew on a piece of fresh ginger
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