What is happening with my dad?

Q:It was June 17, 2006, 3:35 a.m. my mother knock on my door and woke me up. When i enter her room, i found my dad laying on bed with his eye open (all the way), feet staight up, mowing very difficutly, and some of green/black fluid coming out of his mouth. He could not talk and stare into space and never blind, could not move at all. The ambulance arrives in half an hour and took my father to the hospital. Doctor said is very sick and ill but they don’t know what the problem is. They did a series of testing: blood, CT scan, Brain scan, urine, etc everything comes out to be negative, no sign of stroke according to brain scan. The doctor said it might be a seizures, but he says we have to wait and see. I call the nurse in the afternoon, she said he is doing really well, he sits up and trying to put his throat tube out, but becasue of is aitgatation, they have to give him medication to put him back to sleep. Today, I arrived at the hospital, and the nurse told me your dad is not responding
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The dr’s should find out what plants he was around, maybe he was allergic or there was something poisonous. Maybe he got bit by an insect or something and is having a terrible reaction. I hope your father recovers quickly.:(
I have never heard of this, but I am not a doctor. Ask your mom to ask the doctors if they tested his blood insulin level and what it was. If it was more than 10, then the doctors need to consider what made it high, given their lack of other answers.Also ask your mom if the doctors tested your dad for Candida. It is another condition that can cause other things to happen, but is hard to detect on routine testing, unless the doctors are really looking for it.My prayers are with you and your family.
Green/black fluid is bile, which is not supposed to be near your stomach. It’s secreted by the liver and stored in the gallbladder. It’s another digestive fluid, like stomach acid. My mom coughed it up when she had appendicitis and it ruptured.
Not responding. to medication? to treament?Or not responding at all?Please remember that your mother is very pressured and agitated, and she may have forgotten to give the doctors some details, such as the fluid, or other things she may have noticed (strange behavior, something he may have eaten, places he may have been) before this happened. You can talk with the doctor if you know anything your mother may have forgotten or not known about.Has your mother explained your father’s condition to you? Perhaps you could ask her or a nurse what the green/black fluid might have been.I really hope that your dad’s condition improves. If you believe in God, you can pray; if not, then I hope that the good wishes of the people answering you on youqa.com brings you strength. Im so very sorry to read this but have faith and pray im sure all christians or other faiths reading this will understand and will join in prayer for you. God bless you and your family. Do keep us updated.
Well, the green/black fluid sounds like a good description of Bile. Did they check his liver or pancreas?
UFOs that’s what happen to him UFOs Source(s):my mind
wow i dunno wat could be wrong but he’ll be ok i bet
I wonder if he got into some chemicals that were in his gardening tasks, you can really get sick if you breathe in some toic fumes or get it on your skin, also chech and see if he got into some chlorine or ammonia. Also look into insect bites. or snake.
wow.i”m not sure. Update us more when you have more info.
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