"What is the number-one way to treat a cold sore?"?

I ‘m prone to getting cold sores every time i get sick or run-down. They are so painful. I can’t stand it! I like to do it as home remedy.
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Cold sores are Herpes Simplex I. Once the virus is in your system, you will always have it. I’m told that Carmex works wonders. You buy it at any drug store (USA).
carmex..i know that is for chaped lips but it does work
Abreva or get regular asprin mix it with water to make a paste and put it on the cold sore and let it dry do it until it goes away.it works I swear
Abreva is the best over-the-counter remedy. You can get it at any pharmacy. It still takes a few days to work though. I used to get them a lot.the big blistery things.OUCH! I have not had one in almost a year, since I figured out this wonderful thing! <drum roll> When you first feel that tingle.you know.when you go, hmmm, I think I’m going to get a cold sore/fever blister.you immediately start applying regular old Blistex. It works like a charm. It keeps them AWAY! Good luck!
I rely on Abreva to do the trick. Evey time I even get that oh so joyous warnig tingle in my lip I up a dab of it on my lip and it goes away with the big old blister that forms. It is expensive but one tube gets me through the whole year.
that stuff u rub on thereuhhh neocomphonic
Well, i had a cold sore and a cold that got me down really bad i recommend the new strepsils it cleared mine in 2-3days thankfully
Like the others have said, put on Abreva as soon as you feel the tingling feeling and also take a couple of pills of lycene (lysine, I forget the spelling) in the morning and at night.When I get the tingling feeling, I put on Abreva and take a couple of pills of lycene in the morning and at night and the cold sore actually stops growing and in 1-2 days it is completely gone.Abreva costs about 15 bucks and lycene cost about 15 bucks, but they can last a long time. You can pick up Abreva at any drug store and lycene at a GNC or health food store. I’ve used them together the last 2-3 times I started a cold sore and no one could tell I had one because it never grew into a cold sore.
Don’t pick at it and it will go away.or put ice on it.I had TWO a few weeks ago, one at each side of my mouth. Whenever I opened my mouth, it was painful. I only picked on the bigger one and the small one went away in like 2 days. The other was there for a week and a half because I picked it a lot in the beginning but I do believe that the ice helped.
L-Lysine. take about 5000 mgs a day. I take 1500 mgs 3 times a day. works really well if you have it around and when you start feeling that scratchy feeling like one is coming on start it and it will actually keep it from developing. its the best stuff i ever used and i have had prescriptions etc. becuase for some reason when i get them they are really big and bad.
For cold sores, you should puncture the blisters and let the fluid out that way it’ll dry up and heal MUCH quicker. A well-placed needle should do the trick, but please be careful. Also, if you can’t stand the pain, this product called Blistex works very well. Just apply it on the cold sore and ther’ll be this slight zingy sensation (like toothepaste) and you won’t even remember that it’s there. It’s pretty cheap too.like 2 to 3 bucks at pathmark or duane reades.
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