***natural*** way to help stumic pains from lactose intolerance?

Q:please help!i have been eating some dairy and i am lactose intolerant. my stumic hurts really bad. is there a natural way to help the pain?a website? a book? anything*~*~*~PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS ANSWERS!*~*~*~
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how bout not drinking or eating dairy food??
drink soy dream a brand of soy milk.it doesn’t hurt any lactose intolerant person and actually tastes good
I would recommend–obvious–stop eating dairy. You can get a very good organic soy milk at Costco.stores in your pantry for a year. So if you’re like me and don’t drink much milk, you can just grab a quart & stick it in fridge when you need to.
Learn from your mistake. Cow’s milk is for baby cows, not humans. Never was, never will be. You are one of the fortunate ones who’s body knows better. Read more:http://www.sciencenews.org/pages/sn_arc9.http://articles.animalconcerns.org/ar-vo.http://www.nealhendrickson.com/mcdougall.
The only thing that helps me is taking Lactaid tablets before eating dairy. But, the pain is so bad, I’m getting turned off by dairy. But Lactaid really works.
Raw ginger does help. Also so will ginger ale. But stayaway from diary products if you cannot tolerate them.Peppermint tea also will help.You will always get horriblestomach pains if you continue to eat dairy. I have beenthere and I know. It’s not fun not being able to eat or drinksome of the wonderful food made from dairy, but it is notworth the suffering you get from it.
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