How do you create a makeshift pipe from a vegetable?

Q:For smoking. I heard you can improvise one with fruits and vegetables, haha…
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I think I saw this in a movie recently – maybe the 40 year old virgin? It looked like there was a right angle hole in an apple – the top part was where they put the smoke stuff, then on the side was where he put his mouth. You will need some tools – maybe an apple corer and a knife? Something that can poke, too. a corn cob pipe? remember frosty the snowman?lol
you can use an apple
A corn cob will make a pipe. You take the cob and cut a one inch portion off of it and cut out the inside. Burn the inside out slightly and let set until cured. Attach a hollowed out piece of tree limp and there is your pipe. Great for smoking rabbit tobacco in, but I bet you haven’t done that either.
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