Hay fever!!.

Q:ok i have really bad hayfever and am so fed up with taking sooo much medication each morning. Has anyone got any cures, that work!
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you need to drink cola hungry stomach average 0,5 ltr but reduced acid every morning..try to rove on the beach or greenness sometimes of day..drink less tea . find a boyfriend.. try some Nyquil and Dayquil, that works.
flonase is a steriod nasal spray that works great! you have to use it for about 5 to 7 days b4 the full effects are under way but it really does wonders for me andmy hunny who usus it also! just take 1 tablet chloramphenamine and 1 tablet prednisolone when symptoms occur they are really small and 2 tablets aint muchchloramphenamine is an antihistamine available over the counterprednisolone is a steroid available with a prescription easily given for hayfevercoverage lasts about 6-12 hoursalternative medicine? stay indoors close all windows
Home made elderflower cordial – do Google search for recipe. Quick before all the flowers die on the trees. Seasons nearly over for them.My husband was quite bad after drinking it initially, then got much better. Drink some diluted every day.30 heads of elderflower1Kg sugar50g packet citric acid3 lemons2 oranges3 litres water. Dissolve sugar in water over heat. cool a while and then add citric acid. Add peel from citrus fruits, then slice the fruit and add to mixture. Finally add the elderflowers and mix well. Cover and leave for 24 hours. Bottle in fizzy drinks bottles as there’s a possibility it may ferment. (elderflower champagne) If the taste is not to your liking – add your fave squash.
There are Chinese patent herbs – Bi Yan Pian – which I find more effective than chemists pills. patent herbs are much cheaper than an individual prescription from a Chinese herbalist (however they may be reluctant to let you have them as they will not make so much money on consultations etc). There are some UK suppliers who might sell direct to you – I have just done a Yahoo search for some in the UK Before you go to bed put some vaseline in the inside of your nose and a little bit on the outside. This will stop pollen particals entering your nostrils. Do it again in the morning and throughout the day. You can also mix some menthol in hot water, put a towel over your head and inhale.
Eat honey. As it comes from pollenating the flowers via the bees. It does work. Try consulting a Chinese Herbalist. They may have a natural remedy for your problem.
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