Any natural/herbal ways to help a migraine/headac.

Q:I’ve heard comfrey. but I’ll google some herbal sites. Could anybody give me any suggestions? My mom is plagued by headaches, every now and then, they;ve gotten alot better, but when she has one, its really quite miserable for her. Any suggestiions?
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combine herbals with acupressure and cleansing diets! Gingko biloba to increase blood circulation. Ginger (I function better when I drink ginger tea. Brew your tea with a few pieces of ginger. add milk and sugar to taste)Kava kava has a mellowing effectValerian for relaxationBlack willowWood betony Jamaican dogwoodBlack horehound for nausea and vomiting.Damiana, kola, sarsaparilla, ginseng: Recommended when migraine is due to fatigue, lassitude, and general debility.FenugreekPeppermintRosemaryCamomile tea helps prevent migraines. Lavender Source(s):
Yes, there are lots of ways to help and different people find different things that work for them. Here is a really great article to check out: comfrey though. Comfrey is a wonderful healing plant, helps mend skin tissue, bone, and has been used this way for centuries along with other uses. Helping headaches is not one that I have ever head though, and there is some concern with internal use – toxicity on the liver. It is very rare yet there are documented cases. Explore what might be contributing to the headache at its root cause (stress? physical injury?) and treat that. Massage, chiropractic or acupuncture may also help. Real live trained herbalists or good books/websites written by herbalists (rather researchers with no real experience) are way more reliable sources or websites just selling products with big claims. Be conscious of this while you search. Good luck!
If i have a headache that wont go away after 2-4 aspirins, I smoke weed. Fast relief in 5-10 minutes, good for hangovers as well. Drink lots of water. No pop, no coffee, no juice, just plain water!
take feverfew takes a couple weeks to begin to have a reducing affect on your migraines. It will not make them stop, it will just make them less intense. Also, as soon as you feel one coming, pop a few Advil liquigels because they work fast due to their liquid form.a regular Asprin or Tylenol takes 30 minutes to begin working because it needs to break down in your stomach first. Cup of coffee. It dilates the blood vessels and relieves the pressure. Of course, this won’t help if she has a tumor.Hope she has seen a dr. about this.
evening primrosefeverfewfenugreekfennelgarlic Source(s):
I know an ice pack at the back of the head and neck area especially while laying down should work well also using another on either the forehead, eyes and temple area will work for sure if OTC Advil migraine isn’t out of the question then relief will be 15 to 30 min. if she is taking any perscription meds then she is probably having rebound headaches only detoxing the meds out of the system will stop them. But look up also while you are googling (BETTER YET ASK JEEVES) what are headache triggers then eliminate them from diet. Acupuncture helps sooo much! I know it’s not herbal/natural, but it is wonderful!
I found that two aspirin and three fever few helped. available at any health food store. well, if u go to and type in about headaches then it tells u all about them and how some can last for a long time and some could have u going to the doc. i have headaches almost every other day and im a teen. so i hope that works for u. Source(s)
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