i have a burn blister should i drain it?

Q:i have a burn blister should i drain it?
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Ouch! Poor you! I actually would not crack or drain it, the temptation is “great” due to the ugliness of if all. Yet, consider this~ Its your body’s way of creating a natural bandage for that wound. It has all the things it needs to heal, created by you. So just cover it with loose gauze and tape and let it heal. Good luck!Patience grasshopper…..lol!
I am an alternative medicinal therapist and an ex nurse. If you pop it you will risk infection best let the fluid re-absorb itself back into the bodyGloria(BSYA)[email protected]
you can but i’d wait till dark to do it …its an old wives tale ,,,as long as its no bigger than a dime you can pop it if its bigger id go see a dr no, that would leave an opening in the largest and most important organ of your body for infection to get in. Plus, it would hurt.
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