what is the best, quickest way to treat toe nail fungus?

Q:i have tried Lamsil, didnt work. i want a natural treatment, like a home remendy maybe.
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Blue Star ointment, this was the only thing that cleared my sons up, they told him to pee on them in the shower & he did, we fought this for 2 years till he tried these 2 remedys. Soaking in Epson helped a little but not much, maybe if he had a mild case it would of worked.By the way go sockless as much as possible, and white socks if you must wear them.
I had this problem 2 months ago, i read that 100% tea tree oil was a winner. I gave it a try and bingo, it’s gone! I used to dip a ear cotton bud into the oil and apply it to the whole nail, making sure it was well rubbed in and let it dry. Give it a try, hope it works for you too.
I haven’t had this problem but have heard tea tree oil works for conditions like that, check it out at the local health food store.
Tea Tree Oil or Garlic
My Great grandma’s Secret Medicine “Gentian Violet” Give it a try .It usually fixed the spores and eventually die.
I know someone who went for pedicures every 2 weeks cause they know al skin types and it helped her took about 2 months but she said it was worth it.She just went for the soak and cleaning no nail polish till its gone!
you’ll first have to face the face that fungus infections are tough to treat, because the nature of fungus. if you use a really strong anti-fungal, then you’ll have side effect. so, doctors treat fungus with a weak antifungal over a LONG TIME.be committed to use the medicine for a long time. by the way, toenail fungus won’t kill you. you’ll probably spend a lot of money on medicine and it will eventually go away. I used bleach.. took 10 years but its finally gonein the mean time do Not wear any nail polish or use acrylics
For quite some time now my father and I (both doctors) have been using copper sulfate to treat toenail fungus. It’s cheap, easy to use, and works like a charm.Warning: If you are allergic to sulfur or sulfur drugs – don’t use this. Also – if any burning occurs – discontinue immediately and rinse off, chances are you have a different issue.Tx: Put one tablespoon of copper sulfate in a bucket with enough water to cover your toes. Soak them for 10 minutes every day for about 7 days. Your feet will turn blue, and your nails will turn a dark brown/black. This is when you can stop the soaking. One the nail is dead it will grow back clean – takes several months to regrow your nail – but worth the price. You can use the same water, or get new water ever time you soak your feet. Copper Sulfate can be found at the pharmacy or the feed store. It is a lot cheaper at the feed store. It works by killing the fungus – if you have fish, you already know this, as it is often used to kill off the fungus in the bowel. In addition it is what is often used to treat the hooves of horses.Good luck.
Completely remove the nail to get at the nail bed; this is where the fungus lives, than some of that brush on stuff is liable to work.
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