What the best home remedy or way to get rid of a wart?

Q:What the best home remedy or way to get rid of a wart?
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put duct over it every day for a couple weeks,take off at nite (seriously,it works) Correction Fluid
Well The best way is to see a doctor and they can use a laser to remove it but if you are wanting to try from home then you can use try but you will not be sure if you remove it all .. Get some wart removal and draw it out as much as you can and then cut it out with clippers or scissor.. It might bleed a little and get sore.. Make sure you get all the seed in it .. The seed will go deep in to the skin some times to the bone and you have to get a doctor to remove it .. A wart is like a seed the bigger it gets the deeper it can grow.. In order to get it not to come back you need to remove the entire seed .. You might even be left with a small whole if it’s a large wart..
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Go to the store and get the wart remover. I believe it is acetic acid. If that doesn’t work the you need the Doctor to do it.
Compound W: FreezeOff. It’s worked every time. It’s a little pricey, but one application usually does the trick.
Dry ice. You would have to have heavy gloves since it freezes anything it touches instantly. Maybe get someone to help you.Anyway, just take a little piece, put it against the wart. The wart should freeze and eventually fall off.
Here is an herbal remedy that works, my husband used it with success.
Duct tape works as well as corn pads. Both smother the wart. It works!
I agree (almost) with superbooks – but should have used “her” – try duct tape for a month or so, I have heard that works but never tried.
You should just divorce him. ….oops, sorry. Have I misread that one? Sorry, seems I’m in a humorous mood today. Okay, to get rid of a wart, try some of that commercial product called FREEZONE (check with your doctor first) Second. Sometimes, believe it or not, that Avon anti-bacterial stuf helps get ride of discolored skin so I’m thinking hey, what have you got to lose by trying that on your wart. Who knows if the wart is there because bacteria is there , the this just might workd for you. Go to a dermotologist, but don’t have an operation unless it’s absolutly necessary. Doctors love to operate on people, they get good money there. So, think twice and three times before ever getting an operation on something s o minor as a wart. OTHER METHODS: ASK your friends and relatives if they have had successful wart treatments. ASK your biology teacher or swim teachers too, they might have experience in those areas. KEEP posting your question here utnil you get answers that you like .
I’m not sure about a home remedy, but the best way to get rid of itis to have a “frozen” solution applied (I think it is liquid nitrogen). Go to the doctor or a clinic, or you can buy the solution (which is expensive). It’s a *lot* quicker than Compound W or the other old fashioned liquid remedies. My doc just sprayed it, and it stung a little but it worked like a charm.
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