What are safe sleeping pills to take?

Q:I’m pretty sure I have insomnia issues. I’m thinking a doctor is just going to hand me pills anyway so are there any over the counter meds that are known for being better than others?
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Melatonin – 1 tab 1 hr. before bedtime, supplements your own body’s production of melatonin. Or, “Calms” sleep aid by Highland brands. Both are all natural, non-addictive, and do not make you feel groggy in the a.m. Both can be purchased at Wal-mart in the vitamin/supplement area and are very inexpensive. You can also get them at a vitamin/nutrition store. I prefer the Calms, have used them for years for sleep, when needed, and also great for PMS symptoms! Good Luck!
Melatonin – it’s a natural remedy sold over the counter in at your local CVS or pharmacy in the Vitamins.
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