i have to knock off these last few pounds!!!!!?

Q:i am in desparate need of a diet treatment i exercise and walk and eat right but i cant seem to knock off this last few pounds of weight……i needed to lose 25 pounds by christmas no particualr reason why i just wanted to. i am now at 186 and im 19 and 5’11 im not tubby but i just want to look like i am not a fat pig, ya know??? if some one could give me some advice about like that hoodia mess or trim spa or stackers…that would be great thanks!!!!
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Hoodia is an excellent appetite suppressant. When you introduce that with a good exercise and diet plan, you can definitely enhance the weight loss. It’s important to remember that there isn’t a magical pill that melts the extra pounds off.I take a supplement called Herbalean. It’s made by the original creators of MetaboLife, and not only does it contain Hoodia, it also has Ephedra. It also has 77 trace minerals and 14 herbs. I’ve taken other supplements like HydroxyCut, Xenadrine, etc and had mixed results. With Herbalean, I get the energy through the whole day, and I definitely don’t have any cravings.I’ve been working a lot of hours at work, and haven’t been getting enough exercise, and sure haven’t been eating all that well. Still, I’m losing weight, just not as fast as I normally would with my regular exercise plan. Still, I’m not gaining like I was!
I go to Curves and I have lost some good weight, you should go there, it’s a friendly exercise place based on a circuit workout.
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