If you could take just 3 nutrition supplements which 3 would they be?

Q:I would really like to know which nutritional supplements are best for my maintaining of overall health. Which ones will help me to avoid the major health issues that so many Americans struggle with later in life. You may even include diet and exercise suggestons in your answer if you want.
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my choice of 3 would be1)a multivitamin2)fish oil3)and im [email protected] moment im going to the gym 2-3 times a wk, swimming for a lil bit if i can on a wkend and taking ‘Centrum’. A multivitamin..complete from A-Zinc 🙂
1) high potency multi vitamin with minerals added obviously gives you what you need2) l-glutamine this amino acid helps your body rebuild3) vitamin c – 500mg in morning, 500 mg in afternoon, 500mg after supper, 500 mg before bed. Vitamin c is a great anti oxident, it also builds the amune system.
I take the vitamins ONE a Day. I also take B12 sublinguel brand and fiber pills.
Take a good multivitamin, the ones that include all vitamins at levels above the 100% RDA. Make sure they include minerals and some herbs too.Honestly, eating the fruit/vegetable that provides a certain nutrient is far superior to a pill. Many studies have shown pills alone offer little to no benefit, you really need to consume whole foods as they actually contain hundreds of components, not just a couple. These are classified as flavonoids.My recommendation of things you should eat are:sunflower seeds, red, green, yellow & red peppers, bananas, tofu, green leafy vegetables, radishes, garlic.The less you cook them, the healthier they are for you.
1) A good multivitamin- I recommend GNC’s Mega Men / Women Sport. Yeah I know GNC is overpriced. But if any supplemet in there is worth it, this is it. Excellent full-spectrum coverage of vitamins and minerals, plus proven and tested disintegration upon consumption and therefore good absorption2) A protein supplement- Whether it comes in bar of powder form, protein is very good stuff. Your cells are made largely of protein- its the stuff you’re made of. Get close to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, and you should may see some health benefits simple from that. You may also see muscle gains and improvement in healing of injuries or wounds. I recommend Met-Rx brand products- either the classic protein powder or the ProteinPlus powder. They are excellent sources of complete protein (casein and whey protein).3) Glucosamine and Chondroitin- these nutrients usually come in combination, so it is condiered one supplement. It does wonders for your joints- especially cartilage. I am an assistant in a hospital’s surgery center, and I can tell you the most popular surgery people get is joint replacement. Arthritis and joint degeneration sneaks up on people- especially active people. Glucosamine and chondroitin will help you slow this degeneration. We are all getting older, and the time to take preventative meaures is now. **You should know, I take all three of these plus numerous other supplements, and I feel they help me a lot.
B complex and C, I guess. A, for calcium. I wouldn’t bother with iron – I’ve read that scientists believe that low iron levels are one of the reasons why women live longer. Exercise – running for a train. Meditation to deal with missing one or waiting for a late one. Lifting small weights & walking. Diet? Eat fish & crunchy raw vegetables, and red meat every month. That’s my two cents, but others might have other needs or even be unable to absorb however much they supplement with. Everyone is different.
If you are not having any health problems confronting you (there are supplements for everything from sharpening your memory to cleansing your colon) then I would suggest 1. A high-quality multi-vitamin that has been proven to breakdown during digestion (NOT grocery store brands- I order mine over the Internet). 2. A Cardio Health Oil combination (the one I get combines Flax seed Oil, Salmon Oil, Walnut, Olive, Almond and Wheat Germ Oils) and 3. Either a Milk Thistle Combination for Liver health OR a Sublingual Vitamin B Complex (way better than getting B 12 shots from your doctor every year) for : Increased energy and stamina, Increased mental clarity, Decreased dangerous homocysteine levels which lessens the risk of developing heart disease and Alzheimer’s Disease, Emotional balance and Restful sleep
Grape seed extract, powerful immune system boosterMultivitamin with mineralsFlaxseed oil
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