Help please…I’m looking for the name of a massage product similar to the backnobber.?

Q:The backnobber is basically an “S” shaped bar with hard knobs at the ends to apply pressure on hard-to-reach tense spots like in between the shoulder blades. The product that I’m looking for is the same “S” shape but the tips are made of rubber instead of wood or plastic. But the thing is, I don’t know this product’s name, so all my internet searches have been futile. I need the community’s help to find this product so I can relieve my back pain. Thank you in advance!
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I’ve used theracane for many years and it’s entirely plastic and is more usefully elaborate than back nobber. However, it’s not rubber but comes in blue or green plastic. With some creativity you’ll lay on your carpet and use leverage and the curved portion to release your spinalis group of muscles that run the entire length of your spine, do your traps and all the layers of your neck muscles. I use it, again lying down with a movie on, to work my calves, back of my thighs, or sitting you can transverse friction the quads or gluteals. Use the straight protruding knobs, or again hook in with the curved portion to stretch and energize the glutes, sides of the belly, around which are the QL and Psoas groups. It’s kind of fun, if you’re into it, to hang up on your wall a good anatomy chart, sit on a chair and teach yourself something of the “lay of the land” of your body while using a Theracane. Don’t just prod away at your neck, work your entire physical entity so to speak and become more aware of how and when and what works as a release for you. I’ve been a professional manual therapist for 30 years, used 100’s of modalities but still appreciate a Theracane more than 99% of therapists that have worked on me. Most haven’t much of a clue, whatever their designation and no one knows you and exactly what you need in the moment as you do, so invest the 50 bucks and you’ll have a tool that will see you into hopefully a long and healthy life. Most massage therapy supply outlets should sell this. By the way, don’t forget to use glorious tennis balls any where, any time whilst lying on a firm surface. I’ve been hanging out on them for decades, long before people actually started making money off the concept, like lying on Zuma balls or whatever they’re called and other such nonsense. Have fun. Internatural used to carry the Theracane, but I don’t know if they still have it in stock – it’s online.
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