is there god?

Q:is there god?
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didn’t Jesus say, The Kingdom of God is within? Why do people keep forgetting that? We are created in God’s image but people are scared to admit that we are a reflection of our Creator. We are born of the same light, thus God is within. So as long as you exist, there is a God.
As sure as the sun will rise tommorrow Source(s):I’ve spoken to HIM
Of course there is but the only way to him is accepting Jesus Christ Not only as a PROPHET but as your personal Lord and savior. by the way you are not looking for a god because anything can be a god which is a false Idol you are looking to know if there is a God a King of kings and Lord of lords . Once you accept Jesus into your life by asking Jesus to come into your heart and asking him to forgive you you are entitled to speak to YOUR FATHER God in Heaven. God is the one who’s given me so many miracles in my life even as a child if you ever care to hear about them email me sometime I love sharing my miracle stories with anyone who wants to hear all I’ve been saved from alot of people say i should write a book but I would rather talk one on one with a person . I’m a people person 🙂 God will find you in due time it’s you that is lost God never gets lost. I will definately keep you in my prayers
Absolutely.Read “The Case for a Creator,” by Lee Strobel.
In my beliefs, there has to be some sort of divine entity that helped in the creation of this world and watches over it, but I don’t think that that entity is all powerful or perfect. I mean, if it were, why would there be so much violence and suffering in our world? I also don’t think that this entity has a gender, like most Christians think. But I do not call this being “God”. yes
Does it really matter?
The best way to answer that question is to eliminate all the biased comments. Asking an atheist if there is a GOD accomplishes nothing as you already know their answer. Asking a religious person is a waste of time for the same reason. Also if you will carefully think about their answers you will note that neither makes much sense. IE: the idea of the Christ Jesus dieing to save us from original sin falters with the statement “GOD is love”.Instead, try this.A young girl in Mexico was on her death bed. Her blood sugar wa168. She was in a diabetic coma. The priest had given her the “Last Rites”. The doctors told the family she could not live until morning. The mother called a friend of hers here in Laredo and gave her the sad news. The friend is also a friend mine. She called me at about 2 AM. I asked GOD for intervention. The girls blood sugar plummeted. The doctors were afraid it would go too low so they injected glucose. The blood sugar shot back up and fell again. Again they inject glucose. Same result. The third time it fell they decided to wait and see. Her blood sugar fell to 105 and slowly decreased to 100. The next morning she woke up hungry. The next Monday she was back in school.Now, I ask you, DOES GOD EXIST?Chris of
Yes there is a God. Talk to him, go to Church, God wants to be in relationship with you. Jesus died for the sins of the WORLD, including yours. God Bless You!
See this site to find what you are looking- includes info from top pyschologists who have discovered heaven.
You tell me:
“God is dead and no one cares, if their is a hell, I will see you thier,” Trent Reznor. I agree with him in the joke that god doesn’t exist. Reincarnation doesn’t exist, UFO’s, Ghost, don’t exist. You live then you die. If more people believed this maybe they would actually be nice to people or actually enjoy there life. All Religion does is cause war, pain and suffering, and destruction. How could you be so irresponsbile to spread religon? You say killing babies is wrong, but your religions kills thousands every year. You killed a beautiful iranian person today, with you stupid religions.
Yes, there are two. Their names are David Bowie and Trent Reznor.
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