chromium picosomething? (picolante maybe) promote weight loss or gain?

Q:ive been eating well and excersising. i bought chromium picolante, green tea extract and calicum supplements and have been taking those for v few days. but i havegained a pund. why?
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Chromium Picolinate is Chromium combined with Picolinic Acid which is a by product of Niacin and Protein metabolism. This form of Chromium must have PROTEIN CHAPERONES in order for the Body to absorb and utilize it. This form is only beneficial for ATHLETES not for regular folks This form of Chromium requires Protein consumption which is why athletes are not bothered by Chromium Picolinate especially Body Builders who take often very large amounts of Protein. Chromium in this form is MUTAGENIC& for most people it is dangerous. Most people should only use GLUCOSE TOLERANCE FACTOR.( GTF is Four different substances L-GLUTAMIC ACID, L-GLYCINE, L-CYSTEINE, NIACIN,PLUS CHROMIUM the First three parts are amino acids which form Protein Chaperones the fourth part is Vitamin B-3 Niacin’s other name. This form of Chromium is the ONLY way the body can recognize and absorb Chromium at all. It is this form of Chromium that does surpress Appetite,lowers Cholesterol,and burns fat. A good product is by NOW with the GTF Chromium that the body recognizes made by ALBION LABS.This Company which is the Rolls Royce of the Supplement Industry makes the best minerals on the market and many companies use them to make their mineral products for them. ALL minerals must have Protein Chaperones in order for the body to use them properly. There is a form of Chromium with just Niacin this is called CHROMIUM POLYNICOTINATE which absorption wise is only absorbed 37%. Chromium Picolinate is also only absorbed 37%. AMINO ACID CHELATED GTF (Protein Chapereone)+Niacin Chromium is the Best form to utilize by regular folks. Its absorption is 57% which is 20% better than all the rest of the Chromium on the Market. Incidentally there is ANOTHER form of Chromium that comes from Brewer’s Yeast which is also a GTF form and food based and also very highly absorbable and considerably better than Picolinate or the Polynicotinate form and is as good as the other GTF Chromium made by Albion Labs. I hope this helps. picolinate. I’m not sure why you’ve gained weight. Be sure you are drinking a ton of water.
Chromium Picolinate, promotes sugar and fat metabolism. I just started taking it 5 days ago, so I don’t know if it works or not. But I do seem to less of an appetite now. Chromium picolinate is a bright red solid that is the chromium (III) salt of picolinic acid. It is a nutritional supplement used to prevent or treat chromium deficiency. Small quantities of chromium are needed for normal health, but deficiency is rare in developed nations.Numerous commercial organizations promote chromium picolinate as a treatment for a variety of health problems. Most notably, it is promoted as an aid in weight loss. However, scientific investigation has not been able to support these claims. For example, a clinical study performed by Naval Health Research Center (Trent, 1995) found that chromium picolinate was ineffective at lowering body fat or aiding in weight loss.Dartmouth College showed that chromium picolinate could damage the genetic material of hamsters cells. The supplement industry labeled the study as bad science. Now Dr. John Vincent at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa shows that chromium picolinate enters the cells directly and stays there–where it can cause problems. It’s the combination of chromium and picolinate (particularly the reduced form that can produce dangerous compounds, not the chromium alone. Moreover the picolinate eventually breaks off and itself has adverse effects.There is little evidence that chromium deficiency is widespread. It is not a reliable treatment for diabetes, (which is not a chromium-deficiency disease). There is no good evidence backing chromium picolinate as a weight-loss aid, a muscle builder, or a way to reduce blood cholesterol levels. This new evidence suggests that it may have serious side effects.NOBODY should take chromium picolinate, especially not young people.The above was excerpted from the University of California, Berkeley Wellness Letter. Volume 15, Issue 9, June 1999. A good newsletter, Subscribe to FREE Updates at 1-904-445-6414.
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