Online perscriptions?

Q:I am contemplating buying some Aciphex online and i was wondering if is an actual seller or is it just a fraud. Thanks for your help.
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Remember the old motto: “If it sounds too good to be usually is! And that can (almost) pertain to just about everything in life.
This is a place I trust: (for 90 tablets)I have ordered many times from this pharmacy with no problems. No shipping charges. It takes about 2 weeks to get shipment.
I would not take the chance, could be a scam and or poorly made meds
Please be careful about ordering from an online pharmacy. While I have done so myself, and there are many legitimate companies out there, do your research. Read the fine print. Because of new laws, if you have not had a prescription filled through that company before, many are now requiring that they receive approval from YOUR doctor, and charge a processing fee whether your doctor approves. The bad part is, a friend of mine tried to order a diet pill at one of these pharmacies, and she happens to work for her doctors office. With no insurance, the pills were cheaper online, or so she thought. The pharmacy never called the doctors office, and kept her processing fee anyway. ($19.95)Beware of any company that makes you join a membership, or that does not have easily accessed customer service. Find the phone number listed online and call it BEFORE you order, to make sure you get an actual person. Read the fine print and make sure that there is not a charge if you are not approved for the med.
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