why do people..

Q:why do people who have tried weed say it is good for the mind and body, and people who have never tried it think it is dangerous, worthless, and it kills.?
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It’s a plot by evil drug dealers to trick people into ruining their lives.That’s an educated opinion by someone who has spent many years treating drug addicts..especially pot addicts (the majority of drug addicts are pot addicts). I do no think weed(marijuana) is worthless. There are several medical conditions that it is very appropriate for releif of symptoms. There are alot of things that can kill you and be dangerous.And yes I have never tried weed.
Since when does ANYONE think that weed kills? There are more than just those two types of people.I tried it, found it to be stupid and a waste of money and I don’t really approve of the use, but if you’re gonna do it, fine. Just don’t bring that s**t around me.
There are just three kinds of people.Those who divide the world up into three groups, and those who don’t.Could be some people have tried it and think it is not a good thing, too.
I wouldn’t be alive right now were it not for weed – nor would my daughter – it was the only thing I’m not allergic to to control my vomiting. I also believe it is great for a relaxant, just like some people have a beer after work, some have a joint. the only reason people are against it is ignorance. Peeps who have tried it b/f need to have an EXCUSE to keep on doing it. The peeps who haven’t done it do it cuz they don’t wanna risk harming themselves.
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