Weird pill.? was very small and cylinder shaped and it was a grey color and said alza 27 on it. my friend took it. she bought it from some kid at school what was it?
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What they said, It can be used as an upper.
It’s a Concerta XR 27, an offbrand Ritalin. It’s 27mg, a pretty hefty does for one pill, but its extended release to last over a whole day. IF you intend on taking it (I have recreationally before for schoolwork), make sure you read _carefully_ through a webMD page on the drug to make sure it’s not going to kill you through an interaction with another drug. Overall it’s a pretty safe drug, people sling them up at uni all the time. It’s also worth mentioning that there are numerous sites on the internet, like webMD, where you can usually type the text on the side of a pill into their search and it will give you a list of potentials and descriptions of their various characteristics.Godspeed, and be safe!
Concerta. It’s for ADHD.
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