how is moxibustion done?

Q:what is moxibustion?
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Traditionally moxibustion is a form of treatment from Oriental medicine that involves the application of heat to specific acupuncture points on the body. Moxa is a chinese herb that burns very hot and so it works well for this purpose. Heat strengthens the “Chi”, or energy where it may be weakened. Oriental medicine is all about balancing the “chi” in the body. All forms of illness are a result of an imbalance in the flow of chi in the body. …. Heat is one way of increasing or tonifying the chi or energy in an area of the body where it may be weak. … A treatment can also draw chi away from an area where there is too much chi. That can simply be a result of treating the area where there is too little chi present,.. which is to say that when the weak area is strengthened,.. the direct result of this is that the area where there is too much chi is also balanced through the fact that it’s excess of chi has now moved to where it was needed,.. resulting in a balancing effect.The process of moxibustion can be applied in different ways. One form of moxibustion is when a piece of moxa is applied to the outer tip of an acupuncture needle that has already been inserted in the treatment point. The moxa is lit and allowed to burn (without flame). ………. Moxa can also be applied by holding the tip of a burning (no flame), stick of moxa over an acupuncture point in a specific manner and for a specific period of time in order to apply heat to the point/meridien. Moxibustion can work wonders for many forms of illness when it is applied properly. For example,.. I have eliminated many bladder infections literally overnight, simply through one proper application of moxa. The entire treatment took about ten or fifteen minutes to be applied,… and this was often for individuals who had already been struggeling with their infection for weeks.
Is it the same thing as moxa? Or pronounced that way? Moxa is taking a stick that is lit and hot (usually a resin, it looks like a pencil with a glowing hot tip) and heating certain acupuncture points either with or without the needle. It kind of “charges” those points. I’ve had it done for digestion, and it really works.
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