when is the end of the world coming coz i want to be out?

Q:when is the end of the world coming coz i want to be out?
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Bummer! Not for another 6 billion years, sorry.
to late mate, it happened, you missed it,
the end of the world? are u sure of it?please know christ Jesus first before the end of the world come.
When you die the world will end for YOU. Hope you’re right with the Lord when it happens. well it woz suposed 2 *** on da 6/6/0/6, the firts day of the millenium, the year 999->1000 and then wn the messiah died , so take ur pik!
There is no such thing as the end of the world only the end of the system of things, why don’t you check your Bible. No one knows when this will be not even Jesus himself, he said only the Father knows this. He has given us a good idea through the signs of the times. Check your gospels for this guide (Mathew). We have about 5 to 10 years before Armageddon strikes. The ones who will die at this event will be: The governments-the churches, idolaters, thieves and those who don’t follow Christs teachings to the letter. Is that enough for you.Gloria(BSYA)[email protected]
Yesterday. You missed it.
i think its about in 10mins. bye.
i think its 9am next Tuesday or Wednesday or because iv got a day off so i can watch it
If your in england its when the water starts rising too much and its always cold at night, never rains and the sun is always out in the day. something like 3046.
The egyptians predicted the death of christ the rise of hitler and the nazis and they allso predicted the end of the worldIts Supposdely??/ 🙁 23 December 2012
your question is like i do not mind dying i just do not want be there when it hapens
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