Common salaries for homeopathic physicians?

Q:Common salaries for homeopathic physicians?
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All depends on the region, in CA or big cities where they like Yoga you will be able to charge much higher fees than tourist based towns or small mid-US towns. Good news though if you go that route, the natural alternatives are rising 10% every year on average. More and more people see the benefits of looking to alternative medicine. I converted 4 years ago.
well, believe it or depends on how you go about selling basically the same product for every disease imaginable.the truth is, i wasted a lot of money on homeopathic medicine out of fear of not wanting to try anti viral chemo. i am not the only one. there are millions of people out there desperate to find a cure without the use of conventional medicine. so, my answer is ending in a question.How many people do you wish to deceive with homeopathic medicine?
Hi Dawn. Homeopathic physicians are self-employed, therefore, they do not get paid a salary. Their annual earnings are completely dependent on their people skills; clinical effectiveness; and their ability to market and manage their private practice.
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