Hair follicle test. please help!!?

Q:its for a job my company is being taken over by another copany and the new company is asking for a hair drug and alcohol test. i shaved my head. because i wanted to two days ago. i just found outi was getting tested today. so because i shaved my head.. have no pubes basically and shaved my legs a month ago so nothing there.. can they still do a hair follice test
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Not a very clear question – are you saying that you shaved your head, armpits and pubic region, found out you were going to have a follicle test, and are worried they will think you only shaved because you didn’t want to get caught with drugs in your system? If that’s the case then there must be a hair somewhere on your body they can take. A leg hair can grow a fair bit in a month. There might be one on your back. But they might want to see you in private to take the hair if it’s in an intimate place.If you think you are full of drugs and want to conceal it by shaving, then I expect they’ll find a hair anyway, so you won’t be safe. But if you’ve taken no drugs there will be nothing to worry about.Frankly, what sort of fascist state do you live in that allows employers the right to demand body parts from you in their terms of employment? It is an extreme infringement of your liberty. Drugs may be a stupid idea but businesses should NOT have the right of access to your privacy. Bad news,,,Yes they can. : (There is hair seen under a microscope,with you shaving head and uunmmmm other parts,~ !It makes you ,,even though you aren’t,Makes it look like your hiding something.~ ! In just a few days hair will grow on your head, and its will be long enough for them to pull the hair out with root, using tweezers~!Also facial hair can be used.Dang don’t cha hate that ~! lol Good luck,~*~*~*~*~*~Peace
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