Does anyone have children and want to get harmfull chemicals out of there houses?

Q:I know of a wholesale company that will get you ecosence products and vitiams for everything deliveried to door and your families health will in prove. So many household cleaners kill or harm us everyday and if you have asthma it can be worse.
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I had a son who was damaged by household toxins and switching my house over to safer products has made a huge difference for him and us. I am totally grateful to ecosense and this company!This questions totally fits the parameters of this forum. She asked a question to see if anyone had a answer to it. If you don’t then move on. unless you’re operating a METH LAB, i don’t think you have anything to worry about….save your money.
this website is for asking questions to get answers, not for advertising and selling stuffIf you want people to get interested why dont you at least try to get your advertisement checked by someone who actually speaks English?? I dont care about products advertised by illiterates. I understand you get % from the sale but this is just pathetic..
You are in violation of the rules for this forum. Get some paid advertisement! for that, you still have to make some money out of this so called “great business of selling natural non toxic cleaners”.by the way, I can now get all that at my local store. I do not need an unsolicited sales pitch from you.
I have bought steam cleaners and microfiber cloths. The only cleaning products left in the house, is laundry detergent. I clean everything with steam. I dust with the microfiber cloths. Hope this helps.
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