dose anyone think magnetic med works connection?

Q:im around VERY powerful magnets much of my free time and i noticed that i dont get sick as easaly as other is there a connection
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There is nothing in the body that’s magnetic. Sorry I watched a show re: magnetic therapy– fraud
It is possible. All our cells have a positive and negative charge. In the presence of a magnet, the cell must move thereby increasing circulation. If circulation is increased, more blood, oxygen and nutrients are getting to muscles and organs. Astronauts wear magnets in space due to the lack of a magnetic field. On earth, even though we are surrounded by a magnetic field, the field is blocked by electromagnetic fields, due to electricity, metal in our homes and buildings. Supplementing the body with magnets keeps us healthy as long as the magnetic strength is not much more powerful than the earth’s strength. No. No connection. Magnets do NOT influence health.
When one considers we are charged with elector-magnetic fields, it would be very conceivable that you would receive some degree of balancing of your system. That field, in some, can become powerful enough to have an effect on electronic equipment.. not uncommon with those suffering with severe Migraine Syndrome. They often have some pretty interesting stories to tell.
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